Real, genuine movements organized to bring forth positive changes, don’t do it in a super negative manner. Dr. King understood that, he and his movement brought forth real and lasting changes, and Dr. King is widely regarded as an honorable man. He left behind a lasting legacy. Dr. King was not only a civil rights icon, he was first and foremost and American patriot. His strategy is in very sharp contrast to what we are witnessing today.

If this past month has taught us anything, it’s that Black Lives Matter, really don’t give a rip about black lives. The riots, and the full press attacks on the police, have left poor, disadvantaged blacks vulnerable to street thugs and murderous gangs. If Black Lives Matter really cared about black lives, they would have demanded better police protection and an end to gang violence in the inner cities.

Black Lives Matter is nothing more than a strong arm of the Democrat Party. Their goal is to cause chaos and mayhem. Turn this country wrong side out, to stop Donald Trump from being re-elected. They are trying everything in the book to push the President into actions they can call raciest. The goal of the Democrats in this election cycle, is to basically turn this nation into a socialist nation, dispensing with our most precious of all documents, the Constitution and Bill of Rights.

If you look back at the Democrat debates, they were totally up front about what they wanted to do. Everyone was shocked at how far left the proposed policies were. I remember the pundits saying, oh this is just hype to get attention, they will go back to center when the real campaign starts. That turned out to be a gross misjudgment. These folks are dead serious about this transition. Crazy old Joe said as much this past weekend. The women he is considering for his running mate, are as far left crazy as you can get. By the way, they have tracked the donations to Black Lives Matter, and the money is ending up in the hands of the Democrat Party.

Once again, the Democrats are using the poor uneducated blacks in the inner cities to secure an election. After the election, the plight of the inner city blacks will only get worse if the Dems win. The Democrats don’t give a rip about black folks, they never have. Look at their history as slave owners, KKK members, secessionists, Jim Crow laws, segregationists, and deniers of civil rights. Why do you think the Democrats are OK with public schools in the inner cities being in shambles. Having well educated black folk would not bode well for their plans. Ask Leo Terrell, a prominent black civil rights lawyer how he feels about it. Listen to Candace Owen, she gets it, so does Larry Elder, a black talk show host.

If the Democrats are willing to destroy cities, pull down historical statues, and attack the police, that are first line of defense against the criminals for the most vulnerable, what the hell are they willing to do if they gain power? What is this country going to look like. Is it even going to be safe to go about your everyday lives? They will undoubtedly destroy the economy as we know it. They will surely throw open the borders, and let millions of illegals flood into the country, to secure every election into eternity. These people are evil, pure and simple.

If we will lose this battle, it will be because of spineless Republicans, RINOS if you will. The best example of a totally worthless Republican is Lindsay Graham. I wouldn’t trust him for a minute. He talks big when he’s on Sean Hannity’s show, and never follows up. There are plenty more examples of RINOS in Congress and the Senate. Mitt Romney is a total joke. There are so many Republicans that are “wishy washy girlie boys”. Donald Trump is leading by example, showing strength in the face of the opposition, and instead of the Republicans getting behind him, they say things like he’s too harsh, too course, he tweets too much, he’s brash and embarrassing. No, you’re the ones that are embarrassing. If you don’t stand behind the President, you need to turn in your “man cards”. ln the disappointment department, the Republicans just keep on giving. Start counting all of the Republicans that you have heard denouncing the rioting, and the assault on police, and our national monuments. You won’t run out of fingers. That my friend is something you need to remember when your congressman or senator is up for re-election. If they don’t stand up for America, throw the bums out. The Republican party is the only thing standing between the preservation of the Republic and a take over by the socialists.

A note of caution; stock up on ammo before the election. If the Democrats win, the first thing that the Dems will do is choke off the supply of ammunition. Next thing they will do is confiscate fire arms. France was a major supplier of arms to the revolutionaries the first time around, I don’t think you can count on that this time around.


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