According to Christian teachings, Satan was a very powerful being in the pre-existence. He allegedly had a large following of lesser angels. He got a little to big for his robe and started a war with God. It didn’t end well for Satan, and he was cast out of Heaven, along with his band of ne’er-do-wells. Now, we know from what we see today, that criminals are not the sharpest tools in the box, apparently based on the story of Satan, it’s been that way for quite some time now. I mean, who in their right mind would start a war with God?

When you read between the lines, it’s pretty clear that God had some laws that he expected everyone to follow, Satan didn’t want to obey the laws and became belligerent. Well he lost the battle big time, and his followers were probably having serious remorse for listening to this fool. Bottom line, is that God had a very good police force, and took care of the problem once and for all. Satan was not allowed to set up an autonomous zone in Heaven. If you subscribe to the Christian teachings, apparently the dope is now running around on earth causing all of the problems we are currently having. It’s rumored that he has some very impressive digs in Martha’s Vineyards.

Every major civilization in history has had police forces of one kind or another. It’s the way the government protects itself from being overthrown by the likes of that Satan guy. The governments always require enforcers to keep the peasants in line, and working, so they keep paying taxes. Besides nothing makes you feel better than to have a bunch of knaves tote you around in a gold carriage on their shoulders, and dozens of well armed soldiers marching in columns fore and aft. That my friends has to be the ultimate ego trip.


So here we are in the 1800’s, those Satan types are still running around robbing banks, stealing horses and rustling cattle. I’m pretty sure those cattle rustlers were the MacFarlane’s that immigrated from the Scottish Highlands. One of those bank robbers was my great uncle, and the local sheriff was scared to death of him and shot him in the back while he slept. Back to the point, you just can’t allow those evil doers to run around creating havoc on the local citizens. So as law enforcement always does, they come up with great deterrents like hanging gallows. Then as always crazy judges emerge like Judge Roy Bean, the hanging judge. Then you have that group in the picture above that were the heat in Dodge City, Kansas. I understand they had a pretty narrow focus when it came to lawbreakers. I’m pretty sure if you gathered on the street with signs demanding the sheriff not get paid, you would be relocated to Yuma.


Early in the last century, the government decided that alcohol was not good for the advancement of society, so they banned it. Another example of the government passing a law that they really wasn’t thought through very well. Mankind has been brewing alcohol since the days of Noah, and a lot of folks knew how to do it. Especially the Virginians, and Carolinians. Mankind also has an affinity for alcohol, some more than others. Alcohol and crime sort of go hand in hand, so outlawing it just made a bad situation worse. Enter Elliot Ness, and his band of merry men. These guys played rough to say the least, the Feds gave them license to kick some serious ass, and they did. Back in those days, when the Federal guys showed up, it was show time.


So, here we are in 2020, after probably more than 3,000 years of policing of one sort or another, enforcing government laws, suddenly the Democrat geniuses decide we don’t need them anymore. I’m pretty sure, after 3,000 years of law enforcement, if it wasn’t really necessary, that would have been decided a long time ago. On the contrary, we are not having a shortage of criminal activity. This whole idea is extremely dangerous for everyone, good and bad, rich and poor. I have a message for the Democrats; You can feel free to disband all of the police departments when the Bible prophecy comes true, and Jesus Christ returns to earth, and casts the evil one in the dungeon. You won’t need a single police officer for another 1,000 years. However, my advice for the time being is keep funding the police very generously, if not you will face the wrath of everyday Americans that ain’t going to stand for your bullshit. Wake up morons.



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