Think about how wonderful the concept is. The people in every corner of this nation elect a person or persons to represent them in the this great system of government. The idea was ( emphasize was ) to have someone speak for you, to convey your ideas, to address your grievances in the great halls of Congress. In essence, help make your lives better. Help make your cities better, and more prosperous. Make sure you are protected from invasions of foreign armies. To help you in your pursuit of life, liberty and happiness. It may have been that way for awhile, but as always, absolute power, produces absolute corruption. It’s a human frailty.

Somewhere along the line, Congressmen and Senators lost sight of the vision of the Founders. Making lives better for the folks back home, doesn’t seem to matter anymore. All that matters are scoring political victories, without any benefit whatsoever to the common man on main street. Our elected representatives are bought and paid for by lobbyist for rich corporations and special interest groups. They go through the motions by holding town halls back home. They’re shit shows, that never have any meaningful results. It’s just more appeasement, to get your votes. People never look at their representatives record of accomplishments, if they did Maxine Waters would have been gone years ago.

The riots you are seeing on the streets right now is really not about race. It’s about the rich getting richer and poor getting poorer. The middle class is shrinking, and elevating yourself into the middle class is getting increasingly harder for young folks. Especially young black folks. These folks are not being oppressed racially, they are being oppressed economically. The Democrats tell them it’s about race to hide the fact that they have failed them. The local leaders have failed them. The lawmakers at the Federal level allowed manufacturing jobs to be moved offshore, effectively killing off millions of middle class jobs. They did that willfully, because they got rich doing it. The leaders at the local levels allowed the unions to dominate public education, which resulted in sub standard schools. They did this because the unions gave them big donations for their campaigns to keep them in power, and within reach of even more public money. The majority of the lawmakers in Washington D.C. are totally worthless twits. Where else could you get a job with a phenomenal salary, and perks beyond belief, with absolutely zero responsibility? They campaign on fixing problems they created, and the voters are stupid enough to buy into the lies. It’s too bizarre to be real, but it is.

Federal lawmakers are part of what the comedian George Carlin, called the “Big Club”. They are not there to do the work of the people, they go there to enrich themselves and play this big game of political checkers. If they can get their guy in the white house, they can pass more crazy laws that have nothing to do with making your lives better. They no longer serve you, they serve the money barons. Both parties are corrupt, the Democrats just happen to carry it to more ridiculous levels, such as weaponizing the FBI and CIA to spy on political opponents. Oh yeah, Nixon did that too. Virtually every judge in the Washington D.C. area is a lefty, and prosecuting a Democrat is a total waste of time. The old Republican establishment didn’t lift a finger to help President Trump for the first two years when they had control of both houses. They hated the fact that an outsider had penetrated their “Big Club” and was challenging the status quo. These worthless morons own the riots that are gripping the nation at the moment. The Democrats are geniuses at creating chaos, and the Republicans are too spineless to mount an effective opposition.

So, we seem to be at the crossroads, where something has to be done to fix this problem once and for all. Black Lives Matter has a solution, but you sure as hell don’t want any part of that. The Democrats have no solutions, they have an old crazy guy in a basement with a Visiting Angel. Who’s going to fix it? How are they going to fix it? I personally don’t see any way possible short of getting rid of every single lawmaker, and starting over fresh. While they’re at it, the whole seventh floor of the F.B.I. needs to be cleared out. The Justice Department needs to be gutted. and the C.I.A. needs to be replaced with new folks.

How about this plan? Everyone in the Federal Government has a time limit, or term limit. If you are in Congress, Eight years, just like the president. Ten year tenure for Bureaucrats. Once you have done your tour of duty, you have to leave civil service and return to the private sector. Lobbyists must be eliminated to clean out the corrupt money influence. Politicians are allowed a reasonable, limited amount money for campaigns, the money must come from private donors, no more corporate donors. No more than 50% of the lawmakers can be professional lawyers. Congress must be made up of an equal amount of ordinary citizens. The most important part; Congress must be non partisan. All congressmen are required to poll their constituency before voting on any bill, and their vote must reflect the desires of their voters, based on certified data. Only the office of President is partisan.

The worrisome part, is that every single thing on this earth has a life span. Nothing is exempt. Everything dies sooner or later including governments. If they don’t die, they go through major changes. One can only hope, if we are on the brink of a major change, it will be for the better. If it isn’t, God help us all. It’s in your hands. Your input is important, let your ideas be heard anyway you can. That is precisely what drives me to write this blog numerous times per week.


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