The picture above, is what your average politician looks like when they’re not in costume. In other words “dressed for work”. What I am about to write, came to me quite clearly a number of years ago, but I still find myself unable to escape the this false political world that all of us are caught up in. This whole political shit show that these clowns put on every single day, is just plain old ordinary bull crap. It just intensifies every two and four years.

I have spoken about this before, but I think it’s very important to remember. The founding Fathers created a system, so that the remotely located states, could have representation in the Congress. This, in theory would allow everyone an equal voice, in the affairs of the government. What we have now, is only a facsimile of that plan. The members of Congress, for the most part, could give a rat’s behind what their constituents really want. They are there for their respective political party, not the people. They are there to line their pockets with the ill gotten money from lobbyists and other special interest groups. President Harry S. Truman said, ” show me a rich politician, and I’ll show you a crook”.

The Democrats and Republicans in years past, have pretty much operated as a single party. It’s all been a charade. They would give and take just to make everyone think they were actually doing something for the folks back home. Nobody really got excited because both parties pretty much governed as centrists. Those days are over folks, the Democrats have now decided to make an attempt to push the United States into full blown socialism. It doesn’t matter to them, that they only represent roughly one half of the nation. They are hell bent on doing this, and they are pulling out all the stops to make it happen. Make no mistake about what I am about to say. The last State of the Union speech Donald Trump gave, he vowed this nation would never be socialist. Nancy Pelosi ripped up the copies of that speech, in defiance of those remarks. She knew full well what was in store. I have heard rumors lately from people connected with the military, that they are gearing up for urban warfare. This may turn out to be one hell of a ride before it’s over.

The reason we find ourselves at this junction, is that politicians on both sides, have lost the “Spirit of America”. They put on a grand show, standing in front of dozens of flags, with red, white and blue splashed everywhere, but it’s just a show, it’s a façade to make you think they are patriots, in reality it’s a bald faced lie. They scream racists, misogynists’, xenophobes, and any other derogatory label they can think of, it’s just more of the same old shit show. These people are just trying to stay on the gravy train, they don’t give a damn about you, or the future of this country. I’m really sad to say this, but the system is rotting from the inside out. The Democrats have made thousands of promises to the Blacks over the years at election time, the Blacks fall in line and vote them back in office. After they get elected or re-elected, those promises are forgotten, swept under the rug. The Democrats have been in bed with labor unions forever, that’s precisely why schools in Black neighborhoods are a disgrace. That’s why public schools in general are a disgrace. They are controlled by Democrats and labor unions. The Republicans have been just fine with allowing the Democrats to get away with this. They have their own priorities, and it hasn’t been making the inner cities better for poor folks.

If you don’t think this is true, remember when Donald Trump took office, his own party defied his wishes, and made disparaging remarks about his demeanor. The majority in the House of Representatives was Republican, but Paul Ryan refused to work with the President for the first two years, and those actions resulted in them losing control of the House. Paul Ryan didn’t give a rip about the people that voted Donald Trump into office, he had his own agenda, whatever that was. Paul Ryan is a pompous ass that put his feelings before the wishes of the Republican voters. This is precisely what I am talking about. The cold hard facts are that Donald Trump was an outsider, determined to muck up the status quo, he had to be stopped even if he was a Republican.

Hell, even the FBI and CIA jumped into the fray. They gave it their best shot to keep Trump from being elected, then tried to effect a soft coup to get him out of office after a legal election. All sorts of government officials were involved. So why are these people so scared of Trump? In my opinion, they would have done the same thing if any outsider had been elected, with an agenda to drain the swamp. These people are the real government, and they don’t want anyone upsetting the system. You just think you are electing a President to run the nation, in reality it is being ran by unelected bureaucrats. How many times have you seen bureaucrats in Trump’s circle try to circumvent his actions? People that are supposed to serve at his pleasure testified against him at the fake impeachment hearings. These people are nothing more than totally self absorbed assholes.

Wake up folks, do you really think the Congress passes laws? They don’t do anything that might upset their chances of re-election. The real laws over the past few decades have been decided by the Supreme Court. The Congress is basically a useless bunch of drones. Why do you think the Dems went ballistic over Trump’s SCOTUS picks. They knew it was going to be very difficult to promote their agendas. They know full well who really makes the laws. You should realize it as well.

All of this is why we are at this point. Young people can see the futility in electing people that do nothing. They can see that their lives are not getting better. They can see the future is not looking real great for them to have what their parents and grandparents achieved. The greedy politicians have squandered the riches of America, and people are starting to realize this. Socialism is not the answer, but people are growing tired of nothing ever getting done.

Donald Trump has the desire to bring prosperity and peace back to America, but he has an army of enemies that want him to fail, and will work day and night against him. In reality, the whole rotten bunch in Washington D.C. needs to be thrown out, but we all know that will never happen. The real power brokers in D.C. are very deeply entrenched bureaucrats, and you don’t stand a chance in hell of getting rid of them. The whole system has been corrupted by money and greed.

You are witnessing the Democrat party trying to take down democracy. If you think I’m joking, look at these people pictured below. The Democrats are allowing thugs to run wild in the city streets, looting an burning everything in sight. They are turning violent criminals loose on society, and innocent people are getting hurt. What kind of people intentionally unleash mayhem on the public, for nothing more than political gain?


Violent riots have been going on in Portland, Oregon for over seventy days, and mayor Ted Wheeler, is not even attempting to rein them in. Governor Kate Brown, stands silently by, while buildings and public vehicles are damaged and burned. Innocent bystanders are beaten by the BLM and ANTIFA thugs. The city allows a public podium erected on the sidewalk to be used by agitators to incite the violence. Don’t you find it interesting that the rioters stand behind the first amendment to do their dirty deeds, while actively circumventing your first amendment rights. These thugs are in reality no different than Hitler’s Brown Shirts that ravaged Europe in the 1930’s.


Make no mistake about what is going on, it is being sanctioned by the Democrat party. BLM is a wing of the Democrat party, follow the money. ANTIFA is supported by the Democrat party. Do you really want to vote for these evil bastards? How can anyone with an ounce of Patriotism even consider allowing these people anywhere near power? Start weeding these evil doers out of the system.

Donald Trump is willing to stand up for the people against this nonsense, but he needs your help to fight another four years. He will never be able to totally beat back the dark forces, but at least he can set their agenda back decades. Stand strong against these horrible people, vote for the right side. Don’t procrastinate, we need every hand on deck. This is do or die time for the Republic.



  1. Oh My Gosh. Many of us have been horrified by videos….
    Nobody sees the aftermath. The photos are sickening.
    As much as I hate victims on display, this needs to be widely spread. It’s so horrifying.
    People don’t see this.


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