Allow me to begin this blog with an experience that I had yesterday. I have a friend that is a regular reader of my blog, and after reading my last blog entitled ” Is it sinking in yet?” confronted me via email accusing me of causing racial division with my blogs. No, I simply report on what I see, and offer my opinion on what I see. I have been diligently searching for evidence of conservatives burning and looting and destroying national monuments, but to my dismay have not been able to identify a single one. The people perpetrating this violence are of all races, the common denominator is they are leftist. That my friends is not racist, its facts.

Barrack Hussein Obama, first black President, and the first President in the history of this nation that I can recall that openly disparaged law enforcement officers. It didn’t take him long start the downward spiral of respect for the police. It started with his interference with the police action involving a black professor in Cambridge, Mass.

It seems the professor was locked out of his own house, and while attempting to break into his own house, the police arrested him on suspicion of burglary. It was obviously a mistake, but Barrack just had to weigh in from the bully pulpit, and decry the police as acting stupidly, along with hinting that race may have played a part in the arrest. Had Barrack Hussein not gotten involved, the problem would have been resolved, no harm no foul. But in an effort to embarrass the Cambridge Police even more Barrack Hussein arranged a “Beer Summit” with the Cambridge Police which drew national attention. That was his first salvo at the police, many more followed.

Barrack Hussein said in a presser, that he thought the military style clothing and vehicles were visually inflammatory, and the police should refrain from dressing in such a manner. Call me crazy, but I’m pretty sure that heavy clothing and armor was born out of necessity. In the eight years that Barrack Hussein served as president he, and his so called “wing man” Eric Holder, did a huge amount of damage to police / community relations in minority neighborhoods.

The big event that took place in Ferguson, Missouri when Michael Brown was shot and killed by Darren Wilson, a Ferguson police officer, it was a cataclysmic event that spawned Black Lives Matter. The real events that took place that day, were overshadowed by a virtual cascade of lies told by multiple witnesses. The truth finally came out, that Darren Wilson was attacked by Michael Brown, and a fight ensued with Brown trying to wrestle Wilson’s gun away from him. It of course ended with Brown being shot to death. Witnesses lied, saying Brown had his hands in the air saying, “don’t shoot”. Thankfully, an eye witness debunked that lie, and Darren Wilson was exonerated. However, Barrack Hussein dispatched his ” wing man ” to make sure justice was served, instead of letting the locals take care of the problem. Barrack made it clear, he didn’t trust the white folks to do what was right.

Now add Baltimore and Freddie Gray to the mix, and even more hatred is spawned for white police officers. Like Ferguson, it turns out that the police officers were innocent. But all of the hoopla generated by these two events did very serious damage to being able to function as a police officer in black communities. What resulted was what is called the ” Ferguson Effect. ” Police officers simply didn’t respond to calls in the bad neighborhoods knowing that it could mean their jobs, or their lives. Because of that, a lot of innocent folks died at the hands of street thugs.

So, here we are today, utter chaos in the streets of many large cities, and the police are standing down at the orders of the City Officials, while criminals destroy everything in sight. The Democrats and far left crazies are advocating the elimination of police departments, saying they can police their own communities. You only need the I.Q. of a house cat to know that’s going to be a disaster, besides being totally illegal.

Folks, there is more to this than meets the eye. These street thugs are acting at the behest of the Democrat Party, to cause mayhem, confusion and general disruption of society. They are doing this for one reason, because they are running an old tired war horse with dementia against the vibrant hard working incumbent President. They know that on a level playing field, Biden doesn’t stand a chance. Their only hope is turn this nation wrong side out and upside down, in an effort to defeat Donald Trump. If a political party is willing to inflict such pain on innocent folks to win an election, they are scumbags, pure and simple. They need to be sent packing in November.


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