When the mobs started destroying statues, Black Lives Matter claimed they just wanted all images of the Confederacy gone forever. That was a lie. A bold faced lie. It’s now obvious that they want all statues of Historical figures destroyed because they were white men. They don’t want to see a statue of a white man anywhere. Next it’s going to be portraits, which like the statues, are the property of the people of the United States of America and it’s our decision whether they go or stay, not the mob’s.

Recently nutty Nancy said she wanted to take down all pictures of former speakers of the house, that were members of the Confederacy. That is not her decision, those pictures belong to us. the citizens of the United States, she needs to keep her bony old witch claws off of them. Side note: they are all Democrats.

Next it’s going to be the destruction of history books, and rewriting them, showing the white race as raciest devils, hell bent on the destruction of all indigenous people. Black Lives Matter leader Shaun King has said that “all murals and stained glass windows of a white Jesus, and his European Mother, and their white friends should also come down”. Adding ” they are a gross form of white supremacy”.

The silence of the Republican Party is deafening. The only one speaking up is the President, and a handful of others. Our leaders…. you know the ones that are supposed to be looking out for everyone? They seem to be paralyzed by the mobs, which in actuality only represent a small minority of the population. Our elected leaders are failing us on virtually every front. The United States is a Constitutional Republic, which means the majority rules, period. A small group of thugs don’t get to remake our nation because they don’t like being the minority. Sorry folks, that’s not the way it works. If these folks don’t like being the minority, there are places in the world they could relocate to, where they could be in the majority. I strongly recommend they do that, it would be highly educational.

I have visited this topic several times in my four years of producing blogs, but I think it’s time to revisit it. This land that we now call the USA, was once inhabited by people that were semi nomadic and tribal. They were an ancient race of hunters and gatherers. They were not builders, they were not engineers, they were not sailors, they didn’t aspire to create infrastructure, and sophisticated governments. They were happy to live off the land. Only one tribe had an established alphabet, and written word. Sequoyah of the Cherokee tribe is the only person known to have invented an entire alphabet. This is not meant to disparage the Native Americans, that’s who they were. The Europeans in contrast were builders, engineers, sailors and adventurers. They wanted to explore the world and plant the flag of their nation on foreign lands to expand their power. That was simply the mind set of the day. It was a young world, everything was up for grabs, and strength prevailed. Do you really think a rich and bountiful land that is now known as the USA, was going to become a large hunting and fishing resort? Think about this, the college professors, teaching in prestigious universities, living in luxury with a six to seven figure salary, tenured for life, living in absolute comfort, is brainwashing his students on the evils of colonialism. That my friend is the height of hypocrisy. Colleges and Universities are cancers that are being allowed to live in democracy, and like cancer it’s goal is to kill the host. If these college professors were as smart as they think they are, they would realize the first people to be eliminated in a socialist take over are the educators. If you don’t believe me, study the history of Lenin and Stalin, and every other socialist revolution.

What we are witnessing is the left using race as a facade, to upend everything this nation stands for. To do that, they have to dethrone the power structure, that is managed for the most part by the white folks. The reason whites are in power is not some sinister scheme to keep people of color down, whites make up 73% of the population, and are the most highly educated. It’s what happens under those circumstances, it’s simply a natural occurrence based on numbers. It’s what happens in a Republic where the majority rules. It’s what happens when leaders are selected by their abilities and educational backgrounds, and not the color of their skin.

Make no mistake about what is happening right now. The left wing rich white elitists, are making a push to take over the government of the United States of America. The thugs in the streets are their foot soldiers. Their goal is a one party system. If they are successful, when the smoke clears, and all of history is erased, and freedom as we know it is gone forever, the valiant street fighters that helped usher in the change, will be doomed to live in abject poverty forever. The rich white elitist they supported, will cast them back into monetary slavery, and will never allow them to rise again. After all, who knows their potential for violence better than those who used it to gain power. I not only fear for what will potentially happen to white America, but black America as well. There are a lot of good, God fearing blacks that are going to be hurt very badly in this, if it is not stopped.

The irony, is that the street fighters, burning, looting, tearing down statues, are being paid and urged on by rich white people and are too stupid to realize they are being played, and will be disposed of in the end. That’s the price of stupidity. They are in essence, poor ignorant, brainwashed automatons. The only ones that reaped rewards from the Cuban Revolution were the Castro brothers. All others, were cast into poverty, and became property of the State. That’s why they kill the educators, and former government officials. To preserve the movement, everyone has to be 100% indoctrinated. Stalin killed and estimated 20 million soviets that he deemed to be dissidents. Nobody actually knows how many Castro killed after this takeover. Every socialist takeover is marked by mass killings to eliminate the threat of an uprising against the new government. These street thugs are playing a deadly game in which they can’t win.

You must realize this is being perpetrated by the Democrat Party. They are traitors, every last one. They must be driven back and not allowed to destroy this great nation in the quest for power. They are willing to do whatever it takes, even a full blown revolution to gain and keep political power. Do not let that happen for the sake of your progeny. Preserve this great nation for generations to come. This is a very serious and dangerous time in this nation’s history. We need a strong man to stand up to these threats. Donald Trump is ready and willing to take on the task. He also needs the House and Senate to back him up. Do your part to save this great country.

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