The underpinnings of the Grand Old Republic are showing signs of failure, and need to be shored up quickly, with strong new measures. The left has been chipping away with small hammers and picks for years, but now they have brought in a full blown demolition crew.

You really have to give the Democrats credit for being able to quickly respond to the fake pandemic, and the murder of George Floyd by a deranged cop. These two totally unrelated events, were an absolute Godsend to the leftist agenda, to upend the economy and prevent Trump from being reelected.

China set the stage for worldwide panic, by the brutal tactics they were using on their citizens. Everyone jumped to conclusions that this virus must be from the bowels of hell. When in actuality, it’s no worse than than H1-N1 that occurred during the Obama years. It may be more contagious, but it certainly doesn’t appear to be more lethal. This was phase one of the plot against Donald Trump. China wants Trump out of office just as bad as the Democrats do. China played the panic card, and then allowed it’s citizens to fan out all around the world. China knew once the viral infections exploded, the world would likely react the same way they did, why not, they had the WHO spreading propaganda on their behalf. WHO was saying China acted swiftly and decisively, putting the virus down and everyone should follow suit. This was China’s plan, to stymie the world economy, and ruin Trump’s chance for reelection.

When the President put his Covid team together, he couldn’t have picked a worse member than Anthony Fauci, who was far too cozy with the World Health Organization, and heavily influenced by them. President Trump became boxed in by Fauci’s supposedly expert dialog. If Trump went against Fauci’s recommendations, or simply removed him from the team, it would have been a political firestorm. In hindsight, it may have well been worth it, because the Democrats took full advantage of the situation and rallied their blue state governors to shut everything down. Make no mistake, this was a 100% politically based move to cause a recession. The plan damaged the economy to some degree, but far less than the Democrats had hoped for. Voters need to remember in November, how the Democrats were willing to ruin everyday peoples lives to achieve a political victory. They have no love for the working folks, regardless of what they say on the podium. It’s all for the party friends. If you get ran over by the party wagon…… that’s life.

Phase two: Mobilization of Black Lives Matter. This is the strong arm of the Democrat party, augmented by the wimpy little white kids of ANTIFA, that grew up unloved, unwanted, and ugly. I’m serious, have you seen these people without masks? They look like something from a Mad Max movie, or serfs from the dark ages. They run in packs like stray dogs. BLM was handed a gift of unimaginable value when George Floyd was murdered in plain view. No one could deny the horror of that moment. Black Lives Matter has been beating the drum of Police brutality and the wanton killing of black people by Police for a few years now. Even though that is not factually accurate, it doesn’t matter anymore, you saw it with your own eyes, facts be damned. Black Lives Matter, just became a political nuclear power. If you don’t bow to their demands, they will burn your city, and steal you stuff. Sorta like a modern day version of the Vikings.

If you think this is really about the importance of black lives, you couldn’t be more wrong. This is about wrenching the power away from the white establishment, and intimidating law enforcement across the USA. This is all about the Democrat Party and it’s final push to transform America into something that you will not recognize. This is about nullifying the Constitution and Bill of Rights. This about disarming the white community, and taking the power away from the majority, and handing it to the minorities. If this was really about black lives, they would start by reforming their own communities with better schools, and encouraging people to live peacefully, and stop killing each other. They would educate youngsters to have families, and seek religion to strengthen their families. They would work to eradicate the gangsta culture. They would seek higher education and training for high paying trades jobs. The Democrat party created this monster, and now they are unleashing for the purposes of a power grab.

I want you to consider what I am about to say. This is not factual, it is my gut feelings, and I have a pretty good track record of calling these events correctly. Consider what is up for grabs here. This is a huge prize for the taking, bigger than anything I have seen in my lifetime. There is something seriously strange about the George Floyd murder. Did you see the FBI carrying out bags of evidence out of Derek Chauvin’s house? Who is this guy and what is his past? He killed George Floyd in broad daylight in front of dozens of witnesses, in a totally casual manner. Does that not seem strange to you? Was George Floyd a sacrificial lamb to achieve the goals of the Black Lives Matter movement? They had George Floyd in the cruiser at one point as I understand it, then took him out and put him on the ground, while still handcuffed. I’m sorry, but this whole thing has a very bad odor. We have all seen how the court system is being manipulated lately by crooked judges. Could it be that a deal was struck with Derek Chauvin, that they would make sure he was taken care of, if he killed George Floyd, in order to set the wheels in motion for the take over? Probably wouldn’t have been hard to convince him to do the deed, he didn’t like George Floyd, and there could have been a very large sum of money up for grabs. It seems strange to me that no one seems interested in pursuing the details of this. Think about this, and try to find anything that seems remotely normal. I cannot. Another thing to consider, none of the events of the past two weeks would have been possible without the death of George Floyd. They needed a very dramatic flash point.

The genie is out of the bottle, I’m not sure anyone can get him back inside and cork it. Did you ever think the Democrat party would have taken things to this level? Whether you like it or not, whether you agree or not, this is full blown insurrection, cloaked in a racial disguise. Wake up, before it’s too late.


Maybe, if the FBI became more interested in what is happening in our cities and towns, and less interested in Donald Trump, they could find out who is really behind the mayhem. What would J. Edgar do?

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