The recent riots looked pretty much like riots past, with a slightly different flavor. The black rioters had white allies. ANTIFA is now allied with BLACK LIVES MATTER, an unholy alliance if ever there was one. ANTIFA isn’t exactly a grievance group, they just hate government and want to wreak havoc, and joining with BLM gives them a little more legitimacy. I don’t know for sure, but I would guess that ANTIFA was spawned in some degree by the Anarchists that were centered in Eugene, Oregon back in the 90’s.

The continued theme, which was enhanced by Barrack and Eric, is police brutality. Barrack hated the military look of the police in riot gear, and the military looking vehicles. He said that more than once. But like anything that’s simply not true, if they say it enough times, everyone thinks it must be true, why else would they keep repeating it. Well, most Americans are not liars, they take what their leaders say at face value. That’s a very big mistake, because we have all learned that Democrats are liars to the Nth degree.

So, because Mr. Floyd died in such a horrific manner, in broad daylight, at the hands of a white cop, it lent credence to their words like nothing else could. And we were off to the races. ( no pun intended ) Suddenly, Colin Kapernick was back on top, and destined to be a starting quarterback, for a yet unnamed NFL team. I mean, how could anyone refuse ol’ Colin now? As a matter of fact we may even see Drew Brees on his knees. Most importantly, Nike is now vindicated for naming good ol’ Colin as their spokesperson. Don’t you think it’s interesting that Nike chose to focus on 13% of the population? I’ve seen a lot of white folks wearing Nike gear. Speaking for myself, I wouldn’t be caught dead wearing Nike’s.

So, the narrative that Colin Kapernick brought to the forefront, that of police brutality, is now bigger than anyone could have imagined. Probably because no one believed it. But now they do, they saw it with their own eyes. Albeit one whacked out lunatic. But what is harder to believe, is the demand to disband, or defund the police, and it’s now growing very fast. Almost the entire Democrat party is all over this new idea. This is in fact an insane idea, which if actually implemented would result in total chaos, and death. No sane person would ever consider eliminating the protection from the ever present criminal elements.

So, are they really serious, or is something else going on? They never tell the truth. You saw how they planned this no bail thing, so the rioters could be released to continue creating mayhem. This is also, likely a plan, with a predetermined outcome. The police unions contribute millions of dollars to the Democrat party, why would they throw that away? I doubt that they are serious about disbanding the police departments, they simply want to transform them into very leftist organizations. Police departments that are another arm if you will, of the Democrat party. They want total say so in how the police operate. So, if you are a middle class white person, living in a nice part of town, don’t look for the same quick service by your new all black police department. That level of police protection will be considered white privilege, a Minneapolis city councilwoman said as much today in an interview with CNN.

Make no mistake about what is going on here. They want to beat the white majority into submission once and for all. If you are white, they don’t want you to hold any position of power that could be used against blacks, deserved or not. Don’t blame me for fanning the flames of racism, I’m not saying this stuff, they are. I am simply repeating their own words. They have forced white mayors, teachers, police officers, and even a lone woman on the street to bow down and pledge allegiance to their cause. This is an all out push to wrest the power from the majority, and put it in the hands of the minority. This is, in a sense, the biggest transfer of wealth ever.

The blacks are making a huge mistake. They are playing a game with folks 1000 times smarter, and super rich. The blacks are just the foot soldiers of the super rich. This will be the end result. When the super rich have completed the destruction of the middle class, they will rule the blacks with an iron fist. The blacks will suffer domination like never before. The rich are not going to allow anyone to destroy their domain. The blacks will live with a jackboot on their neck. The Democrats bought the blacks when they passed the “War on Poverty” bill. They have convinced the black population that they are unable to take care of themselves and must rely on the government. Again, don’t blame me for saying this, these words are constantly uttered by black people that have awoken to this fact. You can read their words for yourselves if you care to. Read the writings of Bob Woodson, Shelby Steele, Thomas Sowell, or Deroy Murdock.

What will raise the black population to heights they never dreamed of, is proper education, a structured family life, adherence to the laws of man and God. Seeking the joys of entrepreneurial life, building their wealth with their own sweat, not relying on someone else for their welfare. The black community will become a major power broker, and it can happen quickly. The black community has tremendous talent that is being wasted, waiting on handouts from the Democrats.

In closing, I heard a comment today that confirmed what I have suspected for a very long time. Look for my report on that in a few days. Pay very close attention to what is actually happening, not what they say is happening. The truth is there, look for it.



  1. BW, as usual great post. The only thing I would add is that what Kaepernick actually said at the beginning of his protest was “I am not going to stand up to show pride in a flag for a country that oppresses black people and people of color,” The media and BLM have highjacked his taking a knee to fit their narrate. B Botts


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