We have been witnessing a whole lot of hate goin’ on lately. The riots we have watched on TV over the past week or so were the by product of immense hate. Both sides of the political factions are pointing fingers at each other saying ” it’s your fault, for doing this or that wrong ” The term racism that is being thrown around with little regard, is really just another word for hate. It has been overused to the point that it is almost meaningless now. I’m sure you have heard the phrase; if everyone’s raciest then no one’s raciest.

Before I get started, let me make one thing clear, I am not a psychologist, I’m not a sociologist, I’m an old retired ironworker, with a passion for writing. I don’t have a degree in journalism either. In the absence of all of those things I have learned one hell of a lot in my 79 years on this earth just observing people and the stupid acts they commit. One glaring fault I have seen in common folks, is the the lack of common sense and an over abundance of emotions. Over emotional people almost always find themselves in trouble when emotions overshadow common sense.

Hate just happens to be one of the most powerful emotions in the mix of other paralyzing emotions. We are not born with hate, or are we? Is it a standard emotion that we come equipped with like fear, and sadness? It may be that we are born with this emotion, and it requires something to ignite it. Either through personal experience or planted in our brain through vicarious means, such as printed or visual materials. I can tell you that hate can be caused by printed images, allow me to explain.

I was born in 1941, a few months before the attack on Pearl Harbor. America’s response was a declaration of war. By the time I was four years old, I could read fairly well thanks to two sweet older sisters. Our enemies, the Japanese, Germans, and Italians were portrayed in cartoons, and given names like Japs, Krauts, and Wops. As a child I was taught to hate these people because they were our enemies, and were killing our soldiers. My dear Uncle was a medic, and killed on the last day of the war by an Italian sniper. Those bad images stayed in my head for years. I won’t lie to you and tell you they completely went away, they didn’t. Those images were implanted in my brain by printed media, and conversations I overheard between adults.

I grew up in eastern Oklahoma, close to the Arkansas and Missouri borders. Racism was cold, hard, fact, period. I was exposed to it every single day of my life in one way or another. The infamous Tulsa race riots happened just a few years before my birth. The emotions from that unfortunate incident took awhile to go away. My parents were definitely prejudiced against blacks, I think in large part due to that race war. But something amazing happened in my life that saved me from that hate. I met Mr. and Mrs. Freeman. I never knew them by any other name. Believe it or not, they were friends of my parents, and they were black folk. Years before my Father had worked with Mr. Freeman and they had become good friends. Mr. and Mrs. Freeman visited my parents a few times when I was young, and it was always a joy. Mrs. Freeman was a sweet lady, she would sit in the rocking chair with me on her lap, and sing softly while she rocked. I never forgot those moments, and the memories of those wonderful people.

Later in life when I moved to Southern California with my family as a very young man, we lived in small town in the East San Gabriel valley. My mother-in-law worked as a house keeper at the City of Hope. She met a young black doctor that had a private practice in our town. He became our family physician. Dr. John Corbin, was not only our doctor, but our dear friend. He loved fast cars just like we did, and we hung out at the drag races on Wednesday nights. He drove a really cool Buick Gran Sport. I had nothing but the utmost respect for Dr. Corbin, he took care of my family for several years.

Hate can be controlled, it doesn’t have to consume your thoughts. Stopping racial hatred begins with you. You can’t force the entire population to somehow magically quit hating people of other races, through some sort of government regulation or law. The riots of this past week did nothing to stop racial hatred, in fact they made it worse. Now a vast segment of the population views young blacks as crazed looters hell bent on destruction. The statements I just made apply to both blacks and whites and all races. You don’t have to be a Phi Beta Kappa to see the hate in the actions of the black rioters and looters. They clearly hate whites, and institutions they perceive as white. This rhetoric that only whites can be racist is ludicrous.

Watch one of the most astute people on this issue, that calls it like it is. Ms.Candice Owens. see link below.


She is getting huge blow back from the black grievance groups that profit from racism, for speaking the truth. But the truth always prevails. Only seek the truth, lies are what spreads racism and hatred. In closing, I come in contact with a lot of people in my life, have known many more. I can truthfully say that I have never encountered this so called systemic racism the left keeps talking about. It is nothing more than another lie to turn people against each other for political gain. Did you see any systemic racism while folks of all colors went about saving their fellow citizens in the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey? Didn’t think so. It’s all bull crap people.



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