Have you heard either one of these two, or any of the other Democrat geniuses say, ” enough already, stop destroying our country”? They are standing in front of dozens of American flags to signify their supposed allegiance to America. They don’t talk like Americans, they talk like our enemies. As a matter of fact they are standing with the Iranians and the rest of the Islamic world cheering on the looting and burning. These two are the leaders of the “Despicable Liars” I wrote about yesterday. These two people are what evil looks like.


  1. Years ago, the colleges started allowing ANTIFA to operate freely on college campuses, recruiting new members. It didn’t bother the administration to have super left wing factions among the students. What could go wrong? After all, colleges are supposed to be institutions of free thought, that is as long as it’s not conservative thought. That’s evil.
  2. Portland mayors Sam Adams, and Ted Wheeler, allowed ANTIFA to roam the streets of Portland, Oregon, breaking things and beating up people. The mayors said they were exercising their first amendment rights. Call me crazy, but I sort of doubt the founding Fathers imagined busting peoples heads open with bicycle locks was part of the deal.
  3. Liberal judges in Portland, and the City, rarely ever prosecuted any of these thugs for their bad behavior. They pretty much got a ” get out of jail free card”. So ANTIFA continued to grow in strength. Reminds me of when Barrack referred to ISIS as a JV organization.
  4. George Soros started placing D.A.’s in large cities, that refused to prosecute offenders.
  5. The left has been very successful in getting large cities to stop requiring bail for criminals. Allowing them to walk free after being booked for a crime. In essence they installed revolving doors in the big city jails.
  6. The left has been relentlessly attacking law enforcement, which really gained momentum during the Obama years.
  7. The left wing media, essentially the propaganda arm of the Democrat party, amplifies anything that remotely looks like racial injustice, while ignoring the growing threats against police officers around the country. The perfect case in point, Nick Sandmann, who was accused of racially taunting a native American person. That turned out to be a lie. Imagine that.
  8. They are running an old man with dementia for president that can’t possibly do the job. That’s precisely the point, if he’s elected, your country will be ran by the DNC, if you don’t like the way things are now, you sure as hell won’t like it with the entire DNC running the country.

So, they had all of their tools in place, along with the ANTIFA foot soldiers teamed up with BLM. It is the Democrat’s Dream Team. So when the opportunity arose, the left wing media, fanned the flames, and Wall-Ah, we had ourselves a full blown insurrection. The police are arresting the looters and booking them, but as soon as they are booked they are out on the streets again, thanks to the “no bail” laws recently imposed. Are you seeing how they planned this? They are overpowering the police in shear numbers, and the police are getting tired, and injured from working long hours of overtime. Even if these thugs do eventually show up in court, which I doubt, the Soros agents will see to it they go free. Justice has just been eradicated.

But here comes the death blow. The left is pushing for the abolition of police departments in all of the big blue cities. The city council of Minneapolis is unanimous in calling for the police department to be disbanded. They are making this call after their city has been literally burned to the ground by criminal arsonists and looters. They have actually proposed that the police be replaced by armed members of Black Lives Matter acting as some sort of militia. This is the pinnacle of ignorance. If you remember these are the same people that were marching in New York City chanting, “pigs in a blanket, fry ’em like bacon”, and “what do we want? dead cops, when do we want ’em? Right now. It might just be me, but those words sound like a deal breaker.

Another black leftist said today, she thinks prisons should be closed, and the inmates freed. How about that for a remarkable idea for improving life in the city. It makes me wonder, what kind of plan she has for insulating herself and her family from the onslaught of predators.

When your really analyze what is going on here , if you think you will be allowed to keep and bear arms you would be wrong. I’m sure their plan is to render you unable to defend yourself. I’m just guessing that the old family picnic will probably be a thing of the past, especially if you’re white folk. If you want to see how this works in the real world, take a look at South Africa. It’s not a good place for white folks, they are fair game.

I don’t even hold out much hope for a fair election this fall. The big blue states are gearing up for 100% mail in ballots, citing the covid virus as the reason. By the way, the covid virus is disappearing faster than John Travolta’s hair. Mail in ballots are a recipe for voter fraud, and Democrats are experts at voter fraud. They have been at it for years. Nobody does it better.

So my friends, the good ol’ USA that you know and love is under assault like never before. It’s up to you to save this beloved Nation. Take any actions you can, to head off the evil Democrat plan to transform this nation into something you would never recognize. Resist mail in ballots, campaign for conservative politicians, call out leftist for what they are. It’s going to be one hell of a battle. Get ready for it.


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