This may get lost in the rhetoric over how this all happened, but I think I remember it pretty well. President Trump took the advice from Anthony Fauci and recommended that people stay home for fourteen days, two weeks, so we could flatten the curve. President Trump being considerate to the Christian community was hoping that we could accomplish this before Easter Sunday.

The curve didn’t flatten, and outbreaks in New York, New Jersey, and Seattle pushed the panic button. The president contacted the state governors and told them to decide for themselves how they were going to address the problem, and he would back them up with the necessary equipment, and PPE. Suddenly, Nancy Pelosi disappears from public view for a couple of weeks. Almost simultaneously the governors announce severe lock downs like no one has seen in modern history. Business was stopped in it’s tracks, millions of people lost their jobs overnight. There was no scientific data to warrant such drastic measures. Very little was really known about the virus at that point in time.

People were scratching their heads trying to make sense of closing down small businesses and allowing big box stores to stay open servicing hundreds of customers daily. Churches were closed but liquor stores were open. Restaurants were closed but pot shops were open. Elective surgeries were cancelled but abortion clinics were doing a booming business as usual. None of it makes sense until you start looking behind the curtains where the liars are hiding. No one will ever convince me otherwise, that while Looney Nancy was AWOL, she was rallying her troops, the blue state governors and mayors to help her tank the economy. I’m sure she was telling them Trumps approval ratings were at an all time high and the economy is on fire. The Dems have a really weak candidate. The only way we are going to take back the White House is to kill the economy. If you help me she says, I will make sure you are rewarded well from a massive stimulus bill. Which by the way, she proposed such a bill the minute she returned to D.C.

It was looking like the public was on to the scheme and cracks were starting to appear in the plan. Then a miracle happened, a white cop killed a black man. What a break, the Democrats hit pay dirt. The mobs showed up and started looting and burning entire neighborhoods, the riots were going be the death knell to the economy that Bill Maher, and Nutty Nancy have been praying for. The Democrats have not one time, urged the rioters to stop burning and looting. The Democrat Governors and mayors are refusing help from the National Guard. They say they can handle it on their own. They are saying this while people are getting killed, maimed, and whole neighborhoods are going up in smoke. They are throwing the public to the wolves, in order to win back the presidency and get that pesky Donald Trump out of office before he ruins the whole rotten set up.

Every single word that is uttered from the mouth of a Democrat is a lie. They are delighted to do everything possible to drive bigger and bigger wedges between the blacks and whites. They want the discord to grow to cause social upheaval. They are at their best when everything is in disarray, then they claim they know how to fix the problems they created.

I have to admit, I am very concerned, now more than ever before, for the following reasons. This is an assault on civilization by some very clever actors. It’s also a collaboration between a primarily black organization and a primarily white organization. It’s unclear who the financial backers are at this point, but they are making sure these groups are well funded. Before is was obvious there were a lot of locals running helter skelter setting things on fire and grabbing whatever loot they could get their hands on. This is different, everyone is carrying a hand held communication device, and they can receive orders from a central commander on what to hit next, and where the police are concentrated. They can create diversions, to allow a more complete hit on a major retailer like Saks Fifth Ave. or Maceys. The authorities would benefit greatly by shutting down cell service during these attacks.

The calamity and confusion caused by the riots are also a great opportunity for Islamic terrorists, or any other fringe factor to operate in. There are car theft rings taking advantage of the rioting, a $330,000.00 Rolls Royce SUV was stolen from a New York City dealer yesterday. In California, the car thieves stole forty high end luxury cars from a single dealership. These riots are causing a complete breakdown in law and order and the Democrats are cheering it on. To what extent are the Democrats willing to go, to regain power? That is a question you need to ask yourself when you are in the voting booth.

So in closing, think about this, states are still urging people to social distance, wear masks, and all sorts of ridiculous things, including only having 50% of the tables operating in restaurants, and they refuse to take the necessary steps to quell the rioting and looting. The mayors and police and other leaders are kneeling down in front of the protesters, the ultimate sign of capitulation and humiliation, while they impose utterly stupid regulations on law abiding citizens. Do you still think you are living in America, the Land Of The Free and the Home Of the Brave? It’s looking more and more like they are going to have to retire that slogan. As for me, the only one I bow to is The Lord Jesus Christ, I will bow to no man, or no government.

One more thing, I was born Caucasian 99% European. I am proud of my heritage. Europeans are responsible for the bulk of the world’s greatest inventions, creations, buildings, bridges, medicine, and civilization. My family were all working folks, farmers, mechanics, and the like. None of my family ever owned a slave, and were never responsible for mistreating other human beings. I have absolutely no guilt about who I am. As far as white privilege, I had to work for every single thing I have, sometimes two jobs to take care of my family. Nobody ever gave me a damn thing. So you can take your white privilege crap and put it where the sun don’t shine. Screw you and the horse you rode in on. If I am bowing in front of you, it’s to steady my aim. Smile and wait for the flash.


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