If you have been following my blog, you know that I am not a conspiracy nut. I am a truth seeker, I will never knowingly publish something that is untrue. I have been victimized by some very good liars in my lifetime, and I have no use for them. That said, you know from reading my blog I am a huge fan of Tucker Carlson because he too is a truth seeker.

I have been watching the gradual transformation of America for several years, but couldn’t put my finger on what was happening, mainly because it was too early to be apparent, and the Democrats were masquerading as patriots. Over the past 10 years, the changes have been getting more pronounced. I will go over them with you a little later. I have been aware of these things, and have been storing them in my subliminal mind. Lately, especially since the rioting has started, I have become more and more concerned and disturbed by what I am seeing.

I was struck by a revelation today like a bolt of lightning while watching Tucker Carlson, and listening to a couple of his guests. All of that knowledge I have been storing away suddenly came together in a giant bolt of reality. It happened when Tucker made the statement that these riots weren’t about race, they’re about class. It’s a class war. Turning blacks against whites and poor against the rich. It is the culmination of what the left has been diligently working on for years. Quite frankly, I’m blown away how well it has been executed, right in front of our eyes, and we never saw it coming.

Three things have to happen to usher in the age of socialism. The first and second amendment have to be nullified. Without those, the whole dang Constitution goes down in flames. The famous saying from the movie “Grease” comes to mind, ” the rules are, there ain’t no rules”. You have been living a little sample of that for the last three months. Your rights were nullified, and you had no recourse. Nobody stood up and said, ” wait a minute, you can’t do that”. Your rights were just snatched away with the stroke of a pen, by ruthless governors and mayors for nefarious reasons.

So, to get the ball rolling, the left has been working for years to make all sorts of things politically incorrect to say or write, and you have been perfectly happy to go along with it. Matter of fact, you have been so compliant, that even conservative folks are now shaming people for saying things on social media platforms. Everyone wants to be liked, everyone want that little blue thumbs up symbol, that way you know you’re acting in the proper manner. That’s more important to you than being able to say what you really think about the fat dumb ass making the comment. If you say what you really think you will be viciously attacked by totally anonymous people, people you will never know or see. But you’re about to get a surprise, they are just getting started on censoring your speech. The worst is yet to come. Why? Because there is almost no resistance to them taking it from you.

I’ll bet you never thought you would lose the second amendment either. But it’s coming. This is the way they are doing it. They are enacting all sorts of gun laws little by little. The latest one, which is the most dangerous, is the “red flag” laws. All it takes is for someone to make the claim that you have been making very suspicious and dangerous statements, and you have guns in your home. They then claim they are worried you may do something really bad. Whammo, the police show up at your door, and demand to see your weapons, and then they confiscate them until they can determine you’re not a threat to anyone. Good luck on getting them back, the investigation could take years. The other thing that is becoming popular in the blue states is making you jump through all kinds of hoops to buy ammunition for your guns, even making you do random background checks. The left is also finding ways to limit the sale and production of ammunition. Without ammunition, your gun is nothing more than a club. My advice to you, if you have guns, keep your mouth shut, and stock up on ammo, in a big way.

The first and second amendments were created to protect you from tyranny. Without them you can kiss your freedom goodbye.

The biggest and strongest barrier to the left completely taking control of this nation is the middle class. The middle class is, and always have been the keystone in keeping this country free for numerous reasons. Middle class people are made up of strong willed and hard working folks, that are not easily pushed around. They love freedom and will work hard to protect it. The left knows that very well, that’s why years ago, they started transferring all of the manufacturing jobs overseas. The manufacturing jobs were the main stay of the middle class. The middle class lifestyle can’t be supported by service industry jobs. Once thriving industrial cities fell into ruin, and became ravaged with drugs.

The folks that were once that thriving and vibrant middle class are now getting old and retiring. Moving manufacturing offshore started about thirty years ago. Those middle managers and sales staff people that once made good wages and had nice homes, are almost gone. Left in their place are young people with useless college educations, and uneducated immigrants. In other words, people that are going to be dependent on government assistance and very easily controlled. People will vote for you, if they depend on you for food and shelter.

So the left is systematically turning the country into a socialist hell hole with only two classes. Rich and poor. Make no mistake, the rich will dominate the poor with a cruel hand. That has always been the case as long as man has been on this earth. There won’t be any Constitution to guarantee your rights, that will be the first thing to go. Then it’s the “golden rule” system. The one that has the gold, makes the rules.

The folks out there rioting and looting, isn’t about race, it’s about class warfare. Everyone is trying to asking them what they want. What they want, is what you got, and they ain’t got, and they’re going to take it away from you. It’s just that simple. The left is fanning the flames because it is a breakdown of law and order, and they think it makes the take over much more simple. They are also trying to tank the economy to keep Trump from being re-elected, and they think that if they can neuter the police apparatus, the blacks will be elated, and fall in line and take orders from the leftist hierarchy. I’m not sure if they have thought that one through completely. If that actually happens, God help the common black man, his life is going to get worse not better. Blacks are merely pawns in this giant game of chess. The Democrats have falsely professed to care about blacks for decades, it’s a lie now, and it’s always been a lie.

The Democrats didn’t think they would have to resort to these drastic strategies, they really thought they were going to be able to nullify a Presidential election, and put Hillary in power by default. They tried every trick in the book, totally weaponizing the FBI and CIA. to pull of a soft coup. One of the lowest, if not the lowest and disgraceful acts in the history of this Nation.

The left is totally gleeful about this current social uprising, because along with the damage to the economy by COVID-19, the destruction of cities and towns, is going to be a one-two punch, and it’s going to be long slog back to a healthy economy, and make it a lot harder to Trump to get a second term. That’s what they think. However, I think they under estimated the big orange man. If Trump enacts the insurrection act from 1807, he will take power away from the governors and mayors, and deploy the U.S. Military to totally smash the riots and civil disorder. If he does that, he will be re-elected by a landslide, for saved the Nation from ruin. We can only hope and pray for his swift and decisive action before it’s too late.

The enemy of Democracy is the Democrat party, not the Russians, or the Chinese. They are the enemy within. They never stop working to destroy this country and turning into something unrecognizable. Their only goal, is utter and complete power, forever. Never forget that. It is the party of liars. It is the party of cheating and rigging elections. They willfully side with the Chinese allowing them to study at our Universities and practice espionage in broad daylight. They gladly gave away the jobs that once belonged to proud American workers. Vote their sorry asses out this November before they ruin this wonderful place we call home.


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