This is where I live. It has been my home for 79 years, as long as I have been on this earth. I have traveled across 30 of the 50 states, and resided for extended periods in four of them. Never cared to be a world traveler, I will most likely die before I get to see all of the USA. I was taught from a young age about the greatness of the USA, and I am still convinced, there is no better place to live on the planet. So, I am thankful to God Almighty every day, that I was born here.

I was never called upon to defend this beautiful country, although I stood ready as long as my selective service card remained valid. I was married at a very young age, began my family right away, so my draft status was pretty much, we don’t need you unless things get really bad. I Lost several of my childhood friends in Viet Nam, that was hard to take. For my entire life, I have loved and revered my wonderful country. I cannot recite the pledge of allegiance while looking at Old Glory without a lump in my throat, and a tear in my eye, for my family, friends, and fellow citizens that paid the ultimate price defending that glorious banner. At my advanced age, I wouldn’t hesitate to pick up my trusty 30/30 carbine and defend my country if it came to that.

I have stood on the Atlantic coast, the Pacific coast, traveled across the Mississippi river by steam train. Stood on the Battleship Arizona Memorial in Pearl Harbor, traveled across South Dakota by motorcycle and viewed Mt. Rushmore. Watched Old Faithful erupt, and watched the sunrise over the east rim of the Grand Canyon. I’ve seen Carlsbad Caverns twice, and traveled across Highway 50 in Nevada ( loneliest road in America ) to see the oldest tree in the world. Stood at the exact center of the USA on one very cold winter day. Walked on the Washington DC mall, and marveled at the Smithsonian Museum. Stood within feet of Enola Gay, the B29 Super Fortress that dropped the atom bomb on Japan. I was at Cape Canaveral and saw the space shuttle Challenger on the launch pad, just days before the fateful flight. I’ve stood in the rotunda of the US Capitol building, and was awe struck by the size of the Lincoln Memorial. I have driven across the Continental Divide five times, on the famous Rt. 66. I traveled across the upper USA on a blue highway trip, retracing the route taken by William Least Heat-Moon. Stood with my daughters in a Kansas Wheat field at the base of a creaky old windmill, we were the only human beings for hundreds of miles. I have stood in the ruts from the covered wagons, on the Oregon Trail, and been in the L.D.S. Temple in Salt Lake City. I am hopelessly in love with the United States of America.

It is breaking my heart, and causing me great angst to watch people disrespecting this great nation by burning cities, and looting businesses, and destroying national monuments. It infuriates me to watch the Democrats aid and abet this behavior for no other reason than for political gain. This is my home, it is the home of millions of other Americans that feel the same way I do. These poor fools are nothing more that illiterate human beings, that are the victims of greedy politicians and labor unions that have prevented these people from getting a proper education. The Democrats have gutted the inner cities, lining their own pockets while creating an illiterate sub culture of street thugs. I am feeling sad for my country, but at the same time, I feel sad that these poor souls never got to experience the greatness of this nation. They have no idea of anything that goes on outside the city limits. They are clamoring for reparations for slavery, yet they continue to be enslaved by the Democrat Party, and have been since the 1960’s. The whole damn scene is maddening. It’s almost more than a person can bear to watch.

People, this great nation is amazing, the Founding Fathers were amazing. The leaders of this nation made some serious mistakes in the beginning, when it came to civil rights, but remember it was a different age, people had much different ideas, and had few bench marks to go by. We have gotten way better at this civil rights thing, and we will continue to progress as time goes by. This is precisely why our history is so important to preserve. Those bench marks are priceless reminders why we need to be better people, and treat each other with more love and respect.


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