For decades now, we have allowed inner cities to fester in poverty, with substandard educational systems, and corrupt city governments. Democrats have ruled the inner cities as long as I can remember. City officials have plundered the city treasures, living like kings and queens, while the citizens live in squalor, with below grade public utilities, and horrible police departments. The Democrats just keep throwing money at it, never solving any of the abhorrent conditions. They reward black women for having babies out of wedlock, giving them more welfare every time give birth. The kids are on the streets by the age of 10 years old or sooner, with very little supervision, and no Fathers to turn to. The kids get their education on the street. There aren’t any places for young people to work, because companies refuse to do business in these notoriously high crime areas, rife with drugs.

Democrats from these areas manage to get elected to U.S. Congress or the U.S. Senate by promising they are going to make life better for these poor folks, they never do. They make the same promises again and again, and end up spending decades getting rich while their constituents continue to live in poverty. If you want living proof, look no further than Maxine Waters, or the late Eli Cummings. The same exact scenario plays out at the state levels. Blue states are notorious for poor management of state funds, and corrupt managers.

The court systems in these blue states are a joke. George Soros has managed to place several district attorneys in power that refuse to prosecute criminal offenders. So, think about this, George Floyd was arrested for passing a $20.00 counterfeit bill, and the arresting officers killed him in broad daylight in front of numerous witnesses. In San Francisco and other liberal cities, criminals are allowed to steal up to $1,000.00 in merchandise or property and go free. San Francisco just happens to be where one of George Soros’ bought and paid for D.A.’s presides.

The eight years of the Obama administration has been roundly criticized by experts for creating the most hostile race relations in recent history. Barrack Obama and Eric Holder were outwardly anti police, pro black, despite what the facts were. Ferguson, Missouri, and Michael Brown, is all you have to know about their motives. Later the same attitude prevailed with Freddie Gray in Baltimore, which also proved to be a false charge against the police dept.

For several generations we have allowed a passive attitude to prevail in our educational systems that neglect to hold youngsters responsible for bad behavior. The situations has gotten so bad in some schools that the teachers have been beaten by the students to the point of having to be hospitalized. The school districts refuse to expel students that clearly endanger teachers and other students, because they don’t want it showing up on the records, they don’t want to lose government money. If you don’t believe me, take a look at what was going on at Stoneman Douglas high school in Florida, where Nikolas Cruz shot and killed seventeen fellow students.

This great Republic is being bought and sold by crooked politicians and corrupt government officials. It’s going on right now, before our eyes, and we are allowing it to happen. Public safety is being destroyed by people with the means to buy corrupt politicians, to further their nefarious agendas. Democrat governors are willing to throw working folks under the bus, using the COVID-19 as an excuse, to extract federal funds to pay for their poor management, and destroy the economy to hurt the chances of Trump being re-elected. These people don’t give a damn about you or your families, or your future. The are self serving scumbags.

I really hate to make this next statement, but in my opinion, the political parties in this great nation are going to be the reason for it’s slow and painful death. They no longer care about our nation, they only care about themselves and how they can stay in power. They don’t really care about law and order. Have you heard a single Democrat condemn what is going on right now in cities across our nation? No, you haven’t, they are afraid of losing the black vote. They would rather see your city burned to the ground if it means they will get re-elected. This is how sick these leeches are. Gavin Newsom of California is giving welfare money to illegal aliens, when there are American citizens in dire need of help from losing their jobs due to a overly severe lock down, he has imposed over the fake virus scare. He is doing it for the party, he wants to secure votes for the Democrats, to hell with everyday American citizens.

I can’t make it more clear, that the craziness and mayhem going on right now in virtually every corner of our nation is because of leftist policies. Michael Savage always said that “liberalism is a mental disorder”. Michael was dead right. Leftist policies and ideas are contrary to the ideas and ideals this country was founded on. I’m sorry to say, but the right has been a miserable bunch of wimps, without the backbone to combat the havoc created by the left. They have a responsibility in this as well by being passive and not standing up for the American Dream.

We have a small group of strong Republicans that stand with President Trump, but we need more if we are going to right the ship. We need to take back the House and reinforce the numbers in the Senate. We have a very large stake in what happens in November. It’s time to quit being passive, and fight to preserve our great nation. Push the left back under the rock from whence they came. Remember what I am saying, the left will destroy this nation if they are not kept in check. If you don’t believe me, go turn on your TV and watch Minneapolis burning.


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