This genius slammed the NYPD for driving their SUV cruiser through a crowd of rioters. ( I refuse to call them protesters ) So earlier a woman threw a Molotov cocktail at a NYPD police van with officers inside ( she was ultimately arrested and charged with attempted murder ) , several police cruisers had the windows broken out and set on fire, and protesters were assaulting officers with all sorts of items. So when the officers attempted to leave the area, the cruiser was surrounded by rioters, and the driver made the decision to keep on moving for their personal safety. ( very wise choice I would say ) So I guess AOC expected them to stop, roll down the windows and say, ” How y’all doin’ tonight’? Considering her exhibited level of intelligence, I’m sure that’ what she would have done.

Associated Article headline: ” Protests raise fears of new virus outbreaks “, Seriously? Who the hell cares. I actually heard a government official saying he was concerned that rioters weren’t social distancing. These people need to be managing mushroom farms where spreading bullshit actually accomplishes something.


Keisha Lance Bottoms, Atlanta mayor, say’s Trump’s tweets are just making things worse. Saying, “He just needs to stop talking”. Well Keisha, since when did you become the arbiter of speech? When you became the mayor of Atlanta, were you told it was your job to monitor, and mitigate the speech of the POTUS? Maybe you should start respecting the rights of others to express their opinions and keep your mouth shut. Also, maybe you should start assessing your shortfalls before engaging in the assessment of others.

The Washington Post makes the following statement: ” Aggressive police tactics add to chaos”. Well no shit Sherlock. The Minneapolis Police tried to organize a basketball tournament earlier in the day to take everyone’s mind of rioting, but when the basketballs were stolen, they just went back to being Police. Oh Well.

Then of course ‘Old weird Al” the king of race baiters over at MSNBC, the world’s most irrelevant TV News outlet, is trying to make an issue out of President Trump not speaking to George Floyd’s brother when he called the family to offer the condolences of his own and the Nation at large. That’s sort of like complaining because your Mom put the Mayonnaise on the wrong side of the bread. It reminds me of my old Cajun buddy, saying ” it don’t make no never mind”.

I saved the best for the last. The Atlantic published an article this morning titled ” America used to have leaders”. The article was centered on a speech given by Bobby Kennedy after the assassination of Martin Luther King. It was a great speech, I was a Bobby Kennedy supporter when he was running for President. However, these great leaders that the writer is lamenting over, are the very same ones that created the perpetual welfare state that devastated the black community, and resulted in the horrific state of affairs we find ourselves in today. It was called ” War on Poverty” the bill was signed by President L.B. Johnson who took over after John Kennedy was assassinated. Remember this, politicians never change, Johnson said after signing the bill that is would guarantee the black vote forever. It’s never about the people, it’s always about the party. You should never forget that, it will help you see things as they really are. By the way, buried in this paragraph was something you may not have noticed, the decade of the sixties saw the assassinations of John F. Kennedy, sitting president, Martin Luther King a civil rights icon, and Robert Kennedy, a presidential candidate. So much for great leadership. The sixties also saw massive demonstrations and riots, much worse than what we saw this past weekend. The article in the Atlantic wasn’t about great leaders in history, it was a skewed look at the past to diminish the current President. That’s the game the left plays. They think we’re stupid and uneducated morons. Good try Atlantic.


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