No human being should have to die like this. God Bless George Floyd may his soul rest in peace forever. May the cop that did this to him burn in hell. There is absolutely no excuse for this kind of behavior by police officers. The role of police officers is to do everything possible to protect you from harm, even while arresting you. The police do not have license to wantonly harm someone for no good reason. Apparently this man was not resisting arrest. From the videos that I have seen, he was cuffed and was being led to the cruiser. The officer that is kneeling on Mr. Floyd’s neck clearly does not have any regard for this man’s safety, you can see it by the smug look on his face as he slowly tortures Mr. Floyd to death.

The unnamed officer just made every good police officers job a hundred time harder. This one act is a horrendous blow to promoting good will between officers and citizens. For every bad cop, there is a bad guy looking for an excuse to do harm to a police officer. Several innocent, honestly good police officers may die because of the actions of this halfwit. We can only hope that justice is carried out, and he pays the price for his unspeakable acts. I just heard moments ago he has been arrested and charged with third degree murder and manslaughter. The other officers will likely be facing charges as well.


The community has every right to be mad as hell and protest what happened. However, this is where the protesters motives become questionable. I totally get it that the black community is outraged by the killing of George Floyd, I am too. But one has to stop and look at the overall consequence of destroying the city in which you live. This will all be settled in a court of law, no matter how many buildings are burned to the ground, or how many police cars are destroyed, or how many businesses are looted, and owners put out of business. This is all going to grind it’s way through the legal system, like it or not. I get the distinct feeling that the rioters on the ground would like nothing better than to have an old fashioned lynching. You may not believe me, but your mind could not fathom what would happen to that police officer if they were to throw him to the mob. He would be ripped into a thousand pieces. All of the violence and destruction in the world, is not going to bring George Floyd back.

Sadly, in every city where major riots have occurred, it takes at least ten years for the scars of these riots to heal. Some cities have never recovered. This type of action is never a good idea. For the short term, a lot of people got some expensive free merchandise such as TV’s cameras, radios, musical instruments, but the city where they live may be permanently catapulted into poverty. All of those business they destroyed, employed local citizens and provided families with food and shelter. These kinds of actions also do immeasurable harm to how others view the black community. The blacks are seen as violent, and driven by emotions rather than reason. Corporations weigh the chances of another huge loss, and decide rebuilding is not worth it. Those jobs are then lost forever.

There is another problem the black community is having trouble reconciling. Don’t misunderstand what I am saying here, how George Floyd died should not happen to anyone, no matter what his race. This is what I am having a problem with; they are destroying a city, hurting innocent people, causing pain and suffering that can’t be measured, and the black community never utters a peep about the hundreds of black youngsters killed in Chicago, Baltimore, New York, Cincinnati, and dozens of other large cities with large black populations. Black on black violence is a much bigger problem than police violence toward blacks. I’m sorry, but I don’t understand the selective outrage. Why is it OK, for blacks to kill blacks, even children? That makes no sense to me.

This is a social tragedy. There are hundreds of thousands of good, hard working black Americans, that go to work every day and raise their families, put their kids through college, no different than anyone else. The armed services are filled with brave young black men and women that serve proudly, in the face of danger. The horrible actions of one bad police officer and several hundred street thugs, just made their lives harder. The media also has a hand in this mayhem, stirring the pot, portraying racism as a widespread problem, when it isn’t. Almost all problems are caused by people of all races not obeying the laws, and not respecting their fellow human beings. I’m not saying there aren’t raciest people, there are, and they come in all colors no matter what you’re told. However, I refuse to believe the problem is anywhere near the level that the Democrats and the main stream media say it is. I interact with people of all races, and I don’t see it. Race is the Democrats favorite boogeyman. The Democrats use racism as a wedge to keep blacks and whites separated, so they can control the black population and secure their votes. It’s that simple people. Here is a very good example of racial pandering; Ted Wheeler, white mayor of Portland, Oregon, made a statement saying he knows that the police officer kneeling on the neck of George Floyd was a raciest, and that’s why he did it. Unless Ted Wheeler is a psychic, he doesn’t know anything about anything, that statement was made to secure the black votes. There is one glaring truth that emerges from this tragedy, it proves once again how Democrats are willing to lie to exploit human suffering.


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