arm and leg taxes

The only creatures on this planet that are totally free are wild animals and homeless folks. The rest of us have to pay, and pay, and pay. A friend of mine told me once that filing for income tax the very first time was the official installation of the ball and chain. Once you file your income tax return, you are the property of the United States Government, and your State Government. They share what you produce. You are the worker bee that provides all of those lying, cheating suckers a paycheck, and a retirement plan the likes of which you can only dream of. Your tax dollars allow these worthless creeps to live like royalty. The payback…………nothing.

Twenty five years ago, you bought your dream house. You and your spouse saved for years, and finally you had enough for a down payment. Wow, when you walked through the front door, you thought you died and went to heaven. You were beginning the think it would never happen. The twenty year mortgage was pretty scary, but the years passed quickly and that awesome day came when you made your last payment. Two years later, the worst day of your life happened, you had a stroke, and you would never work again. The county tax assessor basically says it’s not his problem, pay the property taxes or the county is going to foreclose on your property. You and your spouse are going to be homeless after all of that saving and making payments for 20 years, and nobody cares. You are up that proverbial creek without a paddle. You had life insurance, you would have been better off had you died.

Folks, this is the bottom line, you don’t really ever own anything, if you don’t continue paying property taxes and income taxes, the government will take everything you own. If you die owning an estate the government will take a portion of that, even though you paid taxes on that property for many years. The government will essentially rob your children of a large portion of their inheritance.

So, all of my life, I’ve heard the phrase “our government is by and for the people”. Well, that may have been true when Abraham Lincoln said it, but today, it’s no longer exactly true. The government has slowly and steadily wormed it’s way into your life further and further. As we inch closer to socialism it’s only going to get worse. We recently realized that our freedoms can be curtailed by an executive order from your state governor. I’ll bet you never thought in a million years that could happen. Well, I sure didn’t.

This is the take away. The only reason that Americans have remained free ( kinda ) since the creation of the Constitution and Bill of Rights were written, is simple. We have had honorable men, that honored those two wonderful documents, while holding the positions of power that we the people elected them to. The other reason, is the second amendment. The population is armed and able to resist tyranny like no other nation on earth. There is no other populace in any major nation that is allowed to keep and bear arms. That is why we must never allow the Democrats to take away that right. Democrats dream of the day when Americans are no longer armed. If that day ever comes, you can kiss what little freedom you have goodbye. It will be the end of this glorious Republic.

Once a program or bureau is created in Washington D.C. it becomes eternal. Politicians love to create more government. Over the years the United States government has become bloated, and wasteful, and filled with what Rush Limbaugh calls pigs at the trough, feeding off of your hard earned tax dollars. It is foolish to think that we can ever reverse this. You would literally have to tear it all down and start over. The best we can do is elect fiscally responsible politicians ( Democrats are automatically excluded ). However we have had some pretty heavy spenders that were Republicans, George Bush comes to mind in recent years.

The point I am making is that the bigger the government becomes, the more it relies on heavy taxation to keep it afloat. The more taxes it levies on the common man, the less disposable income the everyday person has to survive on. The state and federal taxes combined can literally enslave you, if governments are not kept in control.

I would admonish you to assess the freedom you think you have. Be concerned about it, and do everything possible to retain as much as you can. There are forces working against you every day while you are just trying to survive. These forces are in every government agency from local to federal. We have a President that is working hard on your behalf every single day, he is in your corner. Support him with vigor, make sure he gets elected again. He has set the Democrat agenda back years already, if given another four years he can do some real damage to their leftist quest to turn this nation into a socialist hell hole. SUPPORT OUR PRESIDENT. 

Take back the House of Representatives and wrench the gavel from the hands of the botox queen, and her band of slackers. 




trump on tank



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