There is a protocol for dealing with large scale emergencies. Human beings have been practicing these protocols forever. The first thing you have to realize is that a large portion of the population is very much like cattle, subject to stampeding in the face of danger. The primary function of good leadership is to calm people down, and make them believe everything is under control even if it isn’t. This is how you do it.

  1. Establish a command center. Gather the smartest and most knowledgeable people you can find, that have been trained, and preferably, have had experience in such situations.
  2. Thoroughly assess the problems you are faced with. Although time is always of the essence in emergency situations, taking time to evaluate your strategies can reap huge dividends.
  3. Always evaluate your team as you go, some team members may prove to be ineffective for one reason or another. Weed out the weak team members as soon as possible, they will only impede your success.
  4. Make certain all of your team members are team players, and are willing to take orders from the top. Rogue players should be eliminated the minute you recognize them as such.
  5. The Supreme Commander should listen to his team, evaluate the input, and make the ultimate decisions on the actions of his group. He should be the sole spokesman, period.

President Trump established his command center very quickly. He surrounded himself with experts from the medical field. He met with them, and listened to their input, based on many years of experience. However in my opinion, the very first mistake, was attempting to be totally transparent. I’m pretty sure the reason the President was hell bent on transparency, was the beating he has taken in the main stream press for three long years. In this situation, the decisions should have been made behind closed doors. The reason I say this, is that medical people have tunnel vision, for the most part they only see one facet of the problem. The team commander must be able to see all aspects of the emergency, and be able to apply the actions with restraint, to mitigate collateral damage.

If the President had been conducting this operation behind closed doors he could have extricated Anthony Fauci from the team with minimum disruption, and minimum hoopla from the press. Anthony Fauci proved to be a huge liability in the President’s handling of this problem. The press was foaming at the mouth, hoping to be able to report on a rift between the President and Fauci. They would have pushed the narrative that the President thought he was smarter than a world renowned virologist. The cold hard facts happen to be, that Anthony Fauci was wrong over and over, and pretty much drove this whole thing over a cliff. Also, if the President had done this behind closed doors, it would have eliminated the influence of a hostile press.

To make the case against Anthony Fauci even stronger, he abandoned the time tested method of dealing with this virus, which was only quarantining the sick, and the vulnerable. Anthony Fauci instead allowed himself to be heavily influenced by the WHO and China. He also relied on very flawed data from the half wit in England, named Neil Ferguson, who has been wrong on virtually everything he has ever written. He also listened to a group in Washington State at the University of Washington, that produced the model that was wildly wrong. This man was a huge disaster, and should have been removed from the team of experts early on. However that becomes hard when you’re operating in an open arena.

If you remember in one of the early press conferences, when they were discussing shutting everything down for two weeks, President Trump said a long shut down would seriously damage the economy and said, ” the cure can’t be worse than the disease”. That was a prophetic statement, because the prescribed cure turned out to be 100 times worse than the disease. Again, I can’t emphasize this enough, when you are operating in the open, it makes it very difficult to go against your chosen experts. You absolutely have to conduct this type of business in private, there are simply too many adversaries that are eager to see you fail, and will do whatever they can to plant seeds of discord.

This has been an enormously expensive lesson on how not to respond to viral epidemic. I refuse to call it a pandemic, it wasn’t. This was a knee jerk reaction, stoked by fear, to a virus that was much less dangerous than reported. Shutting everyone inside made it worse, not better. Most of the victims that died were the old and sick, they could have been easily protected. In my opinion, China’s over the top reaction to the virus, set the stage for how the rest of the world reacted. Why China reacted in that manner will likely never be known by anyone other than China. If it was done to terrorize the rest of the world, it was a grand scale deception, and it worked.

In closing, the huge flaw, in my opinion, is that this nation is so polarized politically, our leaders are more interested in scoring political points than doing what is right for the people. The politicians are willing to sacrifice the economy of this nation, and cast millions into economic despair, destroying age old family businesses, to win a political victory. That my friend is a sure sign this nation is beginning to rot from the inside out. But what the heck, the Democrats are sure that by putting a tired old man with dementia in power with a black female V.P. it’s going to make everything OK. If that doesn’t make my case nothing will.


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