Fourth of July Parade

Since early March, we found out to everyone’s surprise, our freedom can be snatched away from us quite easily. We woke up one morning and the state governors slammed the brakes on, and stopped the whole dang shootin’ match. The President and his advisors were talking about a two week hiatus on normal everyday life. We are now looking at three months if you’re lucky, some state governors have obviously decided that they now own their respective states and you ain’t gettin’ em back. Good ol’ Gavin, is getting close to announcing that he is now California’s new president, and will be seceding from the union. I’m sure aunt Nancy has told him that since she is in charge, she’ll make sure it’s OK. Maine’s governor wacky Janet, has her knitting needles all sharpened up to defend her newly acquired real estate. I wouldn’t be surprised if Gretchen Whitmer of Michigan starts installing sandbags and gun emplacements around the state house. That bitch ain’t about to give up without a fight. Then we have good ol’ J.B. Prickster of Illinois. Yep, J.B. is not ever going to go peacefully, he is on the ultimate power trip. You can see when he talks that he is channeling Jimmy Hoffa. He’ll end up like ol’ Jimmy if he aint’ careful. But the dickhead of all dickheads, is the mayor of Los Angeles, Eric Garcetti. He has declared he is not going to open L.A. until we have a vaccine for Covid-19. These people are absolutely delirious. They simply don’t have the law on their side to make such absurd decisions. Does good ol’ Eric actually think Californian will allow him to get away with this. It ain’t gonna happen Eric.

So, if these tin horn idiot governors can rip your freedom from you that easily, which is guaranteed by the mother of all documents, the Constitution of the United States of America, I’m really concerned about how legitimate this whole thing really is. Think about it. Our freedoms were just snatched away in a heartbeat, and there was nobody backing us up. It’s pretty much looking like we’re on our own. The U.S Marines didn’t roll in and tell the the states to knock it off. The Attorney General said the Justice Dept. would be keeping an eye out for states that overstepped their authority. Has anybody heard the DOJ make any statements? I haven’t. I don’t know what I thought would happen if something like this ever occurred. There ain’t anyone to call, the ACLU has totally been taken over by the lefties, they are now as fake as CNN, and MSNBC.

So, my fellow American citizens, I think it’s quite clear we are on our own against these power hungry mini tyrants. The cavalry ain’t comin’ to save your asses. You are the cavalry. That’s why our forefathers gave us the second amendment. Utilizing the second amendment is the last resort, but it’s our ace in the hole. So I suggest that we get off our collective asses and starting getting organized for the fight. A good place to start is by texting 80123 and typing in RIGHTS. This is a grass roots freedom movement to fight against those who would abuse their power. It’s time to rise up and take back our Freedoms. Power to the people. 



bill of rights


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