Lies will always be bitter in the end, no matter how sweet you made them in the beginning.


Geeeze, does anyone tell the truth anymore? I have never seen so many liars in my lifetime. When they get caught, they tell more lies to cover the ones they’ve already told. Lying is absolutely rampant, as well as all out cheating. If the liars were the common low lives, it would be expected. But the liars today, are found at all levels of entertainment, news organizations, and worst of all government. When you read, or hear someone make a statement, you absolutely cannot take it as the truth. You literally have to fact check everything.

The FBI, the premier law enforcement agency in the United States has been transformed into a liars den by a handful of political activists. This is the law enforcement agency that has always been upheld as being the ultimate crusaders for truth and justice. It is now nothing but a joke, it may never regain it’s once stellar reputation. Liars ruin everything, always. Also make a note that these liars are Democrats.

The Justice Department has became a joke as well. It is filled with liars and cheats. They should remove all images of Lady Justice from anything and everything connected with this agency.  They are a biased leftist group that has abandoned the rule of law and justice. Ask Roger Stone and Michael Flynn and a host of others that have been ensnared by their corruption.

News organizations traffic in lies and deception. They are nothing more than the propaganda arm of the Democrat Party. The never ending stream of lies that is broadcast daily is astounding. I watch these people stare into the cameras and lie, and think, they must not have a conscience or inner sense of decency.

Our youngsters don’t think twice about lying to get what they want. School age children openly admit to cheating on tests, and don’t see anything wrong with it. Everybody does it. In today’s world, it’s pretty much anything goes, to get the desired results, honest or not.

Common everyday folks lie to each other with abandon. If it puts them in a better position at the moment, they don’t give lying a second thought. Employers are famous for lying to their employees and vice versa. People cheat and lie to get promotions, and salary increases. They lie on production reports, and any number of other things that make them look better. I have had several employers lie to me about future promotions just to get me to stay with the company when I was talking about quitting.

So, what is the world going to be like when lying reaches the saturation point, and truth is almost non existent? How do we operate in that atmosphere? I think, the absence of truth breeds chaos. Does law and order cease to exist? How do courts function in the absence of truth? We chastise our children for not telling the truth, yet we send them to schools that teach lies, and modify history.

Some lies tend to have very long lives, living for generations, and resurfacing to hurt innocent people. I am seeing this happen more and more frequently. Someone is excited about getting their DNA done to learn more about their family, only to find out that years ago someone told a big whopping lie about who the sperm donor was. The person that told that lie initially never dreamed that they would be exposed forty or fifty years later. Of course when that happens, the entire dynamics of the family can be upset. The damage from that single lie can literally affect dozens of people that weren’t even born when the prevaricator did their dirty work.

We have just found out in the past few days that dozens of people in the Obama administration, apparently including Barrack himself, were engaged in spinning a huge lie in order to damage an incoming President. That lie cost the American taxpayers over 40 million dollars and seriously hurt a number of innocent folks. The perpetuation of that lie lasted almost four long years, and did irreparable damage to the FBI, DOJ, and CIA.

State governors all across this country have closed down their states. Some more severely than others. Almost all, seem to have one thing in common, they are lying about why they are doing it. The numbers don’t come close to backing up their actions. They say they are doing these things based on science. The stuff they are doing isn’t even logical. It makes no sense, but they continue to B.S. the public, and nobody knows why but them. Governor Jay Inslee of Washington State, just announced today that he is starting to monitor people who they think are infected with the virus and quarantine them and their families, even taking their children away. They are enlisting the National Guard to arrest people. They have a force of over 1300 to start this operation. It is just plain scary. He is mimicking the actions of the Chinese Communists. It is time for all out resistance. Text RIGHTS 80123 to join the resistance. 

Pay very close attention, the left is starting to make their moves to take your rights and your freedoms. DO NOT ALLOW THEM TO SUCCEED.  

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