World Trade Center Attacks

By now, no explanation is needed for this picture. This was the very bold, and unprecedented attack by Islamic terrorists. It was carried out by a small group of religious zealots and resulted in the deaths of almost 3,000 people. It also took an economic toll as it caused a brief pause in the market place, and air travel. Islamic terrorists are like insects that bite you occasionally and can cause severe pain, but is highly unlikely to cause any lasting affects. We are constantly reminded of their actions when we travel by air, because of the strict security we have to endure.

Islamic terrorists briefly claimed a large portion of Iraq, but were thwarted by very smart military strategists and a combined effort of several nations. The fact that Islamic factions don’t seem to have great cohesion, will in itself prevent them to being a major threat to the Western Civilizations. If the Western world falls to Islam, it will be from their own stupidity and apathy. Islamic warriors think small, the plan small attacks, taking out small numbers of opponents at a time. Again, I refer you to the likes of insect bites.

Compare the 9/11 attacks to the Wuhan Virus. China allowed about 5,000 of it’s infected citizens to fly to points all around the world. The results worldwide were over 220,000 deaths. Over 50,000 of those deaths in the US alone. That dwarfs the 9/11 attack by a huge amount. That’s almost 17 times more death, no buildings were knocked down, no explosions, no crashed aircraft. Nobody was running down the streets covered in dust, Just rows and rows of body bags.

The economic toll is going to be humongous, nobody even knows what is going to happen in the future. There will be people that will survive the COVID, but lose everything they have worked for their whole lives. Families will lose parents and grandparents long before their times. People will die from suicides and alcoholism. The end death toll from COVID may never be known for certain.

We have had years of experience with Islamic terrorists, we know how they think, and to a large extent, we can control the impact. China is another thing altogether. I think China is an extremely clever and unpredictable opponent, willing to do things westerners would find unthinkable. I don’t think China would shrink from unleashing another biological attack, especially since they saw how successful this one was.

Think about this, and realize how easy it would be to unleash unbelievable carnage on the world, without bombs, bullets, or any other conventional weapons. If China created a virus, more contagious and more deadly than COVID-19, and in conjunction, developed a vaccine. They could literally wipe out a huge part of the world population, while sparing their own population by administering the vaccine before releasing the virus. Think about what has taken place over the past two months. Everyone is scrambling around without a clue, trying anything and everything, even an anti malaria drug. In actuality, the virus is no more deadly than the seasonal flu, but it turned the whole world upside down overnight.

I think it is inevitable that this will happen in the future, unless measures are taken to prevent it. I have no idea what those measures might look like, but the geniuses that come up with counter measures better be spending a lot of time in their so called ” think tanks “.  If some nutty old guy like me can imagine it, it could happen.

Make no mistake, the Chinese Communist Party leaders will stop and nothing to attain their goal of world domination. However, I believe a major war that could escalate into a nuclear holocaust is out of the question. Such an event would result in the death of too many Chinese, and could possibly spell the end of China and everyone else on the planet. That is not in their best interest. The biological route is much more likely if they find it impossible to gain economical dominance by conventional methods.

Stay alert, and keep your leaders alert. The world has proven to be a very dangerous place throughout history, and it’s not likely to change. The Bible say’s until Satan is vanquished by God, the world will never know peace. I’m sure that event will be pretty spectacular, and easily recognizable. So as long as that event hasn’t happened, I would be wary of the Chinese. Just sayin’.


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  1. “I have no idea what those measures might look like”

    Maybe we can start by not approving U.S. money to be sent to the Wuhan Lab (Obama and Fauci); getting the U.N. to order them to shut down wet markets and study of bats; stop buying medical supplies and medicine from China; continue punishing them with stiff tariffs; continue the ban of incoming flights from China long after the pandemic ends; find new head of W.H.O.. This would punish them financially but the left will call it racist.


  2. I have been doing a lot of anti China articles lately, and every one of them have at least one sometimes three hits in China, Singapore, or Hong Kong. They’re watching and listening.


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