This is the perfect analogy of the current Wuhan Virus pandemic. When a tire blows, especially a high performance tire like the one pictured above, the collateral damage can be mind boggling. If you happen to be driving beside a large commercial truck at highway speeds and one of it’s tires blow, your car can sustain serious damage. If you are riding a motorcycle you could very well be killed by the flying debris.

Consider the Wuhan Virus to be equivalent to an actual blow out. The collateral damage that is being generated seems never ending. The sad, and most obvious result, are the deaths of thousands of innocent people that have perished all around the world. Tire blowouts can be caused by a number of things, among which are prior damage to the tire, or  faulty construction. In the case of the Wuhan Virus, all of the indicators say this happened due to lax safety practices. Observers that visited the facility several years ago, cited shoddy and dangerous working conditions. Not exactly what you would expect when handling super dangerous pathogens.

When a tire blows out, it immediately causes panic to the driver when the vehicle is temporarily out of control. That’s exactly what you are witnessing all around the world. People are going in all directions, trying to regain control. Like a blowout, it took everyone completely by surprise. But if you had been warned the tire was going bad, you could have prepared for it. It could have been prevented.

Let’s say you are headed off on a long road trip with your RV, and you know full well your tires are not in the best condition, but you think you can make one more trip before shelling out $2,000.00 for new ones. So, 1,000 miles away from home on a desolate desert highway, it happens, the dreaded blowout. So you throw on the spare and limp into the nearest town with a population of 250 and a truck stop / gas station. Three hours later you pull out with all new tires and a $3,000.00 charge on your credit card. You’ve just been shafted. Virtually everyone of our illustrious leaders knew full well we were not prepared for a full on pandemic, but they took the chance. Now they are faced with huge costs of all sorts, playing catch up. Nobody had a plan in place to deal with it. You’re being shafted again.

Hey folks, this ain’t rocket science. We’ve already been through this once or twice before. It’s not hard to think about the worst thing that could happen with a pandemic and come up with a plan on how to deal with it. All viruses pretty much work in the same way, they are contagious, they make you very sick and possibly kill you. They have the potential to  kill a lot of people. If it’s a virus that looks like it’s going to be unusually deadly, have plan in place that makes sense. We are witnessing government leaders that are completely out of control. It’s very obvious now, that these people are not qualified for the positions they hold. They are morons masquerading as intelligent human beings.

The whole concept of leadership in the governors handbook, seems to have been deleted. In it’s place are several chapters on political activism. If you are a mayor, governor, legislator, judge or president, your focus should be first and foremost on making sure the people in your jurisdiction are provided with the basic services, such as fire, and police, and an infrastructure that provides clean water, electricity, and refuse disposal. Above all of that, you must make certain, their constitutional rights and privileges are not abraded. Of course, the vulnerable among us should always be protected. However, from the federal government to city hall, today’s politicians think it’s their duties to provide services to the population, that the population should be providing for themselves, such as money and food, when the recipients are quite able to work and provide that for themselves.

OK, so now we have had the mother of all blowouts, and our state and local leaders have been so preoccupied with political maneuvering, they forgot the part about making sure our Constitutional rights are protected. Instead of clear headed thinking, they have resorted to political activism once again, to respond to a pandemic that doesn’t give a rats ass about politics. The virus doesn’t choose it’s victims based on political leanings. What should have been done instead of a massive lock down, is that people should have been allowed to go about their everyday lives, but forced to wear protective gear such as face masks, and told to keep their distance from each other as much as possible. I will guarantee you, the population would have obeyed those rules to the tee, the economy would have suffered only slightly, and the number of deaths would not be any higher.

Make no mistake about what happened here. Last year, the mainstream media went on a mission to try and convince people we were headed for a recession. Thinking that at the very least they could cause the economy to cool, and make it harder for Donald Trump to be re-elected. Bill Maher openly said he was praying for a recession to keep Trump from winning a second term. Other lefties echoed those sentiments. When this opportunity presented itself, the Democrats seized the chance, and shut things down tight. The Democrat mayors, and governors made sure they kept the lid on things long enough to do considerable damage to our economy.

There is no other reason for this being blown so far out of proportion. If you haven’t been paying attention, you may not have noticed that Democrats will throw the whole damn country under the bus to get back in power. I told you in the paragraph before this one, they openly admitted it last year. Pelosi and her bunch took the whole government hostage with a fake impeachment charge. Before that, they tried to charge Trump with colluding with the Russians to win the election. Spent three years and millions of taxpayer dollars on a total and complete hoax. So, why would you not believe this is just another attempt to get Trump?

The Democrats are that guy in desert truck stop that knows you’re in trouble, and he has you by by the ^ &#@$, and you have no choice except to pay whatever price he wants for his tires so you can get on with your life. No conscience, no sense of fairness, only greed. That’s what Democrats are all about, you would do well not to forget it. 


My Project 20-001


  1. It is astonishing to me how any think person can be so easily manipulated by djt. The man is the biggest maroon in government as you so clearly put it. As everyone knows I am no fan of either party. But since djt is in the leadership position he is the person who has to lead. I have watched for over a month this ex cues for a leader try and Re write history. By dangling pet wording like little shinning objects. Things are beautiful we are doing a great job I knew all along this was bad. I take no responsibility everyone has to do what I say. One minute this man says we need to stay shut to flatten the curve the next day he encourages civil disobedience . He even went so far as to incourage people to take unapproved drugs that reports now confirm that caused more deaths. This is not fake news. This is a desperate narcissist turning every daily report into a campaign rally. What is wrong with voting by mail we have done it for 20 years or more. Talk about a liar he takes the cake. In case you are not aware this man was warned in December and January about this virus he did nothing. He said it was a hoax. He said it will just go away on its own. You call that leadership . Finally in early February he was forced to issue a travel ban. If his handlers had not forced him there probably still not be a travel ban. Talk about a person who will sacrafice the health of our country to make sure the economy keeps going just to make sure he is reelected. That’s what you are seeing right in front of your face. This man has no business being our president there are many more qualified republicans and Democrats then the buffone we have now. I think our country can survive but it was a huge tell when he made the statement to the effect that I am king and everyone has to obey me and not question me because that’s the way it has to be. People are you getting this the man wants to be king. How much more proof do you need. How many more outlandish statements and behavior do you have to see. Thank god the people of the USA are finally coming out of the trance as his approval rating is now down to 42% and continues to drop.


  2. I always welcome your comments Rich, it’s very interesting to me to hear another person’s perspective. The reason it is so interesting to me, is how we both witness the same thing and have opinions 180 degrees opposed. I don’t just read you comments and brush them off, I look at them and analyze them. Please don’t hesitate to convey your thoughts, your comments are not offensive, they are thought provoking. Friendship should be able to withstand opposing opinions, if not, it’s not really a friendship.


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