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The events that have unfolded over the past few months have made me realize, that perhaps in dead silence, the Spirit of ’76 has perished, and no one even noticed. The fighting spirit that once resided in every corner of the United States, seems to hiding out, afraid to come out in fear of it’s life. One should never forget the famous statement, “Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety.”

At first, when President Trump and his team, suggested the public refrain from large gatherings, it was fifteen day window of time. That seemed like a reasonable request. We could all pull back on our activities for fifteen days, no problem, if it helped get this virus under control. We were being told that this particular virus was proving to be extremely deadly. That was a gross exaggeration. In fact it has proven to be no more deadly than the seasonal flu. The so called “models” that all of our leaders were citing were wildly incorrect, but we were being told they could be trusted because they had been created by super smart people that really knew what they were doing. WRONG!

If you read my blogs, you will surely know that I am a Trump, supporter and my next statement may surprise you. President Trump bought into the predictions hook, line, and sinker. You really can’t blame him. If he poo poos the models and things go really wrong, he’s toast. Trump put his trust in the scientists and doctors. These two groups of people are inherently doom and gloom predictors. So now that it’s proven that these folks were horribly wrong, the President has to say, well it would have been a lot worse if we had not enacted the restrictions. He may not be the typical politician, but he is going to cover his ass just like they all do. You can’t believe how hard it was to write that.

I was stunned by what happened next. The State and local leaders, put the clamps down hard on the whole dang economy. They slammed on the brakes and brought this baby to almost a complete stop. It was the classic version of ” overkill”.  One would think, if you believe everything you are told, that the State and local leaders would have taken a pause, stepped back, and said we have a multi faceted challenge here. We have to protect lives, protect the economy, and protect the rights of our citizens. It’s obvious that they did none of those things, instead, they saw it as an opportunity to stick it to the ” big orange man”. You simply can’t interpret in any other way. You can also assume, rightfully so, that every one of these morons violated their oath of office.

I have always been a staunch supporter of the police. I’m starting to rethink that. These guys seem way to eager to become government goons. I was watching the police arrest a father for playing catch with his kids in the park, and I wondered, did they read him his Miranda Rights, or was that trashed along with his first and second amendment rights. It seemed to me, that the proper thing to do considering the circumstances, would have been to ask the fella to please take his kids, and return to his home. Maybe a short lecture concerning protecting his neighbors. But handcuffs, and thrown in a police cruiser??? Then you have the goons in Kentucky fining and harassing church members attending church in their private automobiles. If you’re not outraged by all of this you sure as hell should be. However, kudos to the sheriff in Snohomish County, Washington, that has refused to enforce Governor Inslee’s stay at home order, stating that it is against the Constitution of the United States which he took an oath to protect.

The state governors and local mayors have violated your Constitutional rights. They do not have the authority to do so. Those are guaranteed rights, and a virus does not qualify as a reason to invoke Martial Law. They cannot legally enforce this bullshit shutdown. So, where are all of the protesters? There are some protests cropping up around the nation, but a stunning number of people are perfectly willing to go along, cowering in their homes like scared rabbits. Wake up everyone, the numbers don’t support the severity of these actions. How long are we going to sit back and take this crap. I’m going out and shopping, picking up whatever I need in stores that are open. Yesterday my wife and I bought all new patio furniture and a patio fireplace. I’m picking up groceries and office supplies when I need them. I’m going for walks. I’m going to be outside and whenever I want. I’m semi retired, so I still have income, and I’m going to spend it at the local merchants to try to help these folks as much as I can. The governor can kiss my wrinkly old ass.


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  1. Once again you are misguided by your blind allegiance to a highly over rated general contractor. This is WAR time. Our rights have to be adjusted temporarily to win this war. No one is trying to take your freedom. We are voluntarily giving up a few of our daily routines to save people’s lives. Tell the doctor or nurse on the front lines who are dying risking there lives working 24 hours a day with very little sleep that you are pissed of because you can’t get a haircut or go to the beauty shop. No matter how you spin it djt was warned in late December that this virus was a problem. He blew it off and as you so perfectly stated he is now covering his ass like all general contractor do so well. Sorry buddy most Americans do not feel there rights are in jeopardy thank God most can see the need for a temporary sacrafice . Rich Martinez


    1. Sorry Rich, but the science and the statistics don’t warrant such a severe reaction, and our economy is going to be trashed for no good reason. The stats are proving more and more each day that this was no more deadly than the seasonal flu. Are we going to run and hide every winter now, afraid of the seasonal influenza? If this is how we are going to act going forward, we may as well surrender to the Chinese now. A large majority of the corona virus victims in New York, were hugely over weight people with diabetes and high blood pressure, and over 63 years old. A series of tests in L.A. showed thousands of people had COVID-19 and didn’t even know it. Rich, it’s all a crock buddy. You need to be acutely aware of how easy it was to strip you of you basic freedoms, and not let it happen again. Wake up before it’s too late, don’t wimp out.


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