Blocking Trump Train 3


  1. The longer the Democrats can keep a lid on the economy, the more damage they think they can do to Donald Trumps re-election.
  2. The longer they can curtail large gatherings, means fewer Trump rallies.
  3. The more pain they can inflict on the general public, they feel they have a good chance of pinning it on the President.
  4. The longer they can keep Joe Biden under wraps the better.
  5. The Democrats will try to use this to monkey with the voting system, such as vote by mail, or some other lame idea so they can manipulate the outcome.
  6. The Democrats work day and night to distort the real truth and spin it in their favor.



World's Biggest Liars

If a Democrat says it……….it’s a lie, you can bet on it. Especially if it’s one of these two clowns. 

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