I was right


Keep in mind, most of what you read in my blogs are just my opinions, based on what I see and hear. I see and hear a lot, so I just kind of pick and choose what sounds like truth, and omit what I think are lies. So you will probably rarely ever hear me repeat anything from the lame stream media, or any of the major newspapers which are also filled with lies. However, when I am writing about something that is actually factual, I do my research and try to get it as right as possible. You always have the option of calling me out, if you think I misrepresented something. I welcome that.

THE NUMBERS GAME: I live in Oregon, where the Chinese Virus seems to be pretty much in control. The reason is pretty simple really, all of those areas where the virus is on a rampage are places that people are interested in seeing and being there, because of the activities and excitement. That’s not Oregon. People come to Oregon to hike in the woods, ski, and paddle around in kayaks. So when the governor closed everything down, that pretty much happened in about 45 minutes. This is the time of the year when most Oregonians are holed up in their houses anyway, the weather hasn’t made it transition to spring yet when the rain gets warmer.

I don’t think the summer is going to be any big deal anyway, I think the virus is going to kill most everything that we do for fun, allow me to explain. The virus seems to infect about 3 in one thousand give or take. So any large sporting event, with, say an attendance of 30,000 will have about 90 infected folks in attendance. Each one of those folks will infect perhaps 4 other folks in their proximity. Now, 360 folks are infected. Those 360 folks perhaps infect two or three more, now you have possibly over a thousand folks infected. As you can see, the numbers grow very quickly. So, unless this virus is completely under control by June, I’m thinking it’s going to be a pretty damned boring summer kids. You probably should take up Kayaking, and forget about MLB and Nascar.

BETO O’ ROURKE: I was looking through my photo files yesterday and saw him and Willie Nelson together. I hope and pray, this guy opens up a chain of pot shops, and disappears forever from the political spectrum. God help us if this moron every gets in position of power. He could name his chain of pot shops, the New Green Deal. 

 2020 ELECTIONS: I could be wrong ( that wouldn’t be unusual ) but I’m pretty sure the President will be re-elected for a second term. But holy cow, will the Republicans please mount an all out offensive to take back the House of Representatives! I can’t take another two years of that bunch of insane Democrats, being lead by the “bat shit crazy Pelosi. I’m not sure who is more incoherent, her or “crazy uncle Joe”.  Every time they blink their eyes, they wake up in a new world. Then there’s Adam, what a piece of work this guy is. Adam Shiff reminds me of the back street lawyers you see in the movies. The ones the bad guys go to see to get something “fixed”. He’s always sitting in a small dark office wearing a cheap suit, with a cigarette burning in an ash tray. Yep, that’s Adam.

GOVERNOR CUOMO:  Can this guy talk without whining? I can’t take him seriously, he just whines and whines. His theme song is Poor, Poor, Pitiful Me. He wouldn’t exactly win the award for being a forward thinker either.

” CRYIN’ ” CHUCK SCHUMER:  I’m going out on a limb here, but I’m pretty sure he is the only Senate Minority leader to ever publicly threaten not one, but two sitting Supreme Court Justices simultaneously. This just happens to be a serious crime. If you did it, you would be reading my blog in your jail cell. By the way, you probably noticed that Democrats don’t go the jail, or get charged with crimes, only Republicans do. If Hillary had been a Republican, she would be in Rikers right now.

THE LARGEST EXAMPLE OF “SCREW YOU” IN THE HISTORY OF THE WORLD: The Chinese Communist leaders, allowing thousands of  COVID-19 positive Chinese citizens to fan out all around the world, taking the lives of hundreds of thousands of innocent people, and wrecking the world economy. Will they ever have to face any retribution for this? Sure, when Hillary pays for the crap she’s done, which will be never.

Think about those rotten commies in Beijing, while you’re stuck in your homes, watching your 401K go down the drain with your savings while you try to keep food on the table for your family. Think about those commie assholes that are responsible for your fellow Americans dying a horrible death from this crap. Think about the greedy corporations and politicians that allowed our industries to be relocated and controlled by the rotten commies. Think about the rotten commies that have threatened to cut off our medical supplies during these horrible times. There are only a few politicians with the balls to stand up to the rotten commies and bring our industries back home, and cut ties with China. Not a single one of them have a D behind their names. Don’t forget this in November.   



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