I have been researching some numbers regarding how people die for a couple of days in preparation for this blog. Tucker Carlson beat me to the punch tonight on his show. But, I’m not going to be discouraged because I think it’s important to think about it.

The numbers that you will see shortly are roughly the same year after year. They vary based on how society behaves in regards to each category. Why this is more important than usual right now, is because we have shuttered our economy and social activities based on a virus that is killing a lot of our citizens. Why this matters is obvious, it is going to be very, very costly in terms of jobs, businesses, and families suffering great financial hardship. The question is also obvious…..was it worth it? You can decide for yourselves.

It is now projected based on the latest information, that about 60-75,000 people will die from COVID-19. These latest numbers are based on our experience with what we have seen, not on models that were constructed using projections based on theory, and conjecture. This new number is without question, much lower due the very extreme restrictions on how people went about their daily lives.

Here is the part that baffles me. Alcohol and drug overdoses kill about 160,000 people per year, pretty consistently. That’s over twice the amount we expect to die from COVID-19. So where is the panic, where is the outrage? Apparently everyone seems to accept these deaths as ” no big deal “, or is there some other reason here? Are the alcoholics and drug users not considered worth saving? Seems that maybe there is a little self righteousness afoot here. Why aren’t these folks as important as the victims of a pandemic. Seems to me like alcohol and drugs are pretty close to a pandemic. Could it be those addicted to these drugs have to pay heavy taxes on them? It’s very obvious that legalization of marijuana had very much to do with the revenue to the states. How do I know this, because the State of Oregon and Washington, were so excited about the new stream of revenue, they didn’t even have the the regulatory laws fully in place before allowing the sale of pot. That’s another story for another day.

In 2018, 40,000 people were killed in auto crashes, and another 4.5 million were seriously injured. How many of those accidents were caused in part from drug and alcohol usage?

Maybe, the general attitude is, that these people are doing this harm to themselves, and the victims of COVID-19 are totally innocent victims. Maybe that’s why there isn’t an urgent rush to save the substance abusers from their own misdeeds. So, one can only surmise that your lifestyle, determines how important your life is.

Here is another twist in this whole thing that is becoming apparent. A great percentage of the folks dying from COVID-19 are morbidly obese, with all of the other factors that go with that condition, such as hypertension, and diabetes. You can yell and scream at me all you want, but obesity is caused by one thing, and one thing only. Over eating. These folks are addicted to food, just the same as an alcoholic, or methamphetamine user, is addicted to their drug of choice. It may sound cruel, but I once had a friend that made this point by saying, ” there aren’t any fat people in concentration camps “.

So, how many folks are dying from food addiction every year? I don’t think anyone actually knows. The reason nobody knows, is that if you did such a study, you would probably be banished to some desert island for body shaming. It’s politically incorrect to even suggest such a thing. If you call somebody fat on Face Book, you’ll be banned, ask my wife.

So, here we are, we have literally shut down the entire United States, because we will end up losing about the same number of folks to COVID-19 as we did last year to the everyday ” run of the mill ” influenza. You can easily make the case that COVID was way more contagious, and I would concur. However, now that we understand that, my little pea brain says OK, we go back to work with some very unusual measures, like wearing masks, gloves, and stay out of each others faces.

I think you have probably figured out by now, that I think this was a little over the top in the response, maybe not. Time will tell. But there is one glaring message that comes from all of this. It matters how you die, whether your fellow citizens think you’re worth saving or not. Sometimes life is just plain cruel and unjust. It’s not likely to change based on the history I’m looking at.





  1. Yes, if we ran a running death tracker for any of these, we would never leave the house,get in a car etc. what is the magic number of deaths that is acceptable to lift these measures? Really, it was never about reducing numbers, it was about stretching them out to not overwhelm the hospitals. But that narrative has shifted for some to protecting us until a vaccine is ready. Like you, I am not sure what the truth is on the virus, but the whole world seems to be over reacting from what we know so far


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