The three branches of government, although each charged with a different task, only have one end goal. That goal is to uphold the Constitution in everything they do. If all of their actions, are done with that pure intent, they will fulfill the measure of their given duties. The Constitution and the Bill of Rights, in a secular sense, are the holy scriptures of freedom. They were clearly written with the inspiration of God.

The intent of the framers, was to guarantee that all Americans would be able to live their lives in freedom, able to follow their dreams and ambitions in the absence of tyranny. When people are free to create, and to recreate, live in the manner which they choose, they achieve great things. Americans have lead the world in development of medicine, vehicular travel, industrial innovations, electronics, on and on. This greatness is based on our freedom to be ourselves.

America was primarily an agricultural based economy until the early 1900’s, then the airplane and the automobile were invented. In my opinion, these two machines set the stage for a virtual explosion of industry, and innovations like the world had never seen before. It happened in America, not by accident, it happened in the birthplace of freedom. It happened where men were able to follow their dreams. America, where your ideas belong to you, not the state. You own your destiny, be it good or bad.

Something started happening to our American Dream in recent history. It came under attack by political activists. These activists don’t believe all of this freedom is necessarily good. They really believe your actions need to be regulated more. What you’re doing may not be the best thing for the rest of mankind, so maybe they need to outlaw your activities completely. Then perhaps if you have a really good legal team, and a very large sum of money, you can continue but only under their guidelines.

However, it has become obvious in the past few years, that even though your company may be doing offensive things as they relate to our freedoms, if your company subscribes to the correct ideology they will look the other way. That would be all of the social media platforms. Another important factor I left out, was these rich and powerful people also throw a ton of money around D.C. buying influence. Basically, what has happened, is that politicians spend a huge amount of their time and energy trying to make the big money donors happy, while they ignore the everyday Americans.

This takes place in plain sight, they don’t seem to care. When Donald Trump was elected to office, he had a Republican controlled house for the first two years. The old school Republican establishment people did not want him upsetting the apple cart, so they were happy to join the Democrats in the so called ” resistance “. Paul Ryan was not going to cooperate with President Trump, not even for a minute. They had ample time to come up with a decent replacement for Obama Care. Paul Ryan only mounted a half ass attempt, it was pathetic. Paul Ryan is a disgrace to the Republican Party. He literally wasted the first two years of this administration’s chance to make monumental gains in all areas.

So, what you are looking at for the most part, is a group of people who really have no connection to the precious documents written by our great forefathers, the founders of the United States of America. For the most part the Democrat party and some Republicans don’t see these documents as being relevant in this day in age.  I’m telling you right now, these documents are as important as ever, maybe even more so, in the year 2020. Our personal freedoms are under attack today, more than ever. The Democrats are using the COVID-19 disaster to strip you of even more of your freedoms. The Police Chief of Seattle, Washington is urging you to snitch on your neighbor if you hear them making raciest statements. Democrat governors are using this opportunity to close gun stores, and levy super high taxes on guns and ammunition. They are using the crisis to release prisoners back into the public, and telling police to quit making arrests. Governor Cuomo made the statement today that the thinks the United States will be changed forever. That’s what Cuoma wants, that’s not what America wants. This is a dangerous person.

If you haven’t figured it out yet, what you have in Washington D.C., are people that are there for their own personal agendas, whatever they may be. They are not there to govern according to the Constitution. They are not there to represent you, they are there to represent themselves and their particular special interest group.

There are some members of the House and Senate that are truly great statesmen. They shined in the recent impeachment trial. Sadly, they are becoming a minority.

Remember this, remember it always, activists are not constitutionalists. Activists govern by emotion not law. Activists govern by polling data. Activists become dictators. Activists are extremely dangerous to your freedom. If you want a perfect example to examine, so you will know what to look for, watch and listen to Nancy Pelosi, Adam Schiff, Jerry Nadler, Alexandria O. Cortez, and the squad. These people are so far removed from Constitutional behavior, I can’t believe it. All of them are the epitome of buffoonery.

These are the people that have allowed our precious pharmaceutical industry to migrate to China and leave us dependent on a hostile Communist regime for our medicines. These are the people that have allowed our once great infrastructure to become, broken and obsolete. These are people that have allowed our borders to be overrun by illegal aliens, driving down wages for working folks. These are the people that allow tech workers to immigrate here on special visas and take jobs from American citizens. These are the people that have let our educational system deteriorate, and turn out students that can barely read and write. These people don’t even like you, they think you’re stupid. They could give a rip less if your community is being ravaged by opioids, and illegal drugs. They’ve never been to your town, they don’t want to come to your town. If you don’t live in a major coastal city, you don’t matter.

Wake up America, dust off the Constitution, and make these fools follow it to the letter. Save your freedom, and freedom for your progeny. There is a guy in Washington that loves you and wants to keep you free, his initials are DJT. He’s freedoms warrior, like  precious few that came before him.


bill of rights


  1. “The Democrats are using the COVID-19 disaster to strip you of even more of your freedoms.” Exactly!

    They are politicizing this crisis to change the way we live. Thanks for pointing this out. And now a new “Mueller Report” on Trump’s handling. I hope the public won’t stand for that.


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