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Obviously not all viruses originate in China, but a disproportionate number do. I don’t know much about China except 98% of the merchandise in Harbor Freight comes from China. I haven’t done any real research to back up this claim, but I’m pretty sure 99.9% of the Dollar store crap comes from China. Pretty much anything that comes from China is sub standard junk, made to last long enough to get it home. The minute you unwrap a Chinese product, it starts to self destruct, even if you just leave it on the shelf.

When I was a young man collecting tools to fill up the big red roll-a-way tool box that I knew I would have sometime in the future, I bought all made in the USA stuff, period, no exceptions. I still have the original tools I bought in 1965, made by Husky. I have used those wrenches and sockets hundreds of time, beat on them with hammers, put pipes on the ratchet wrenches for leverage, never broke one, and the chrome finish is still 100% intact.

Two years ago, I bought an electric pressure washer on Amazon. Unpacked it, looked pretty good. Tested it, it worked. I bought it late in the winter, so didn’t really get to use it for about three months. Started using it, and it lasted about two hours and quit. Tried getting the seller on the phone, no luck. Tried going through Amazon, no luck, too much time had passed since the purchase. I took it apart and tried to fix it, but the parts in the pressure switch are such poor quality, it’s impossible to repair. Yep, made in China.

I was building a steel and wooden gate, and needed a good quality screw gun to attach the wood to the steel frame. Went to Harbor Freight and bought one on the higher priced models. It lasted about two hours. I ended up using my trusty old DeWalt that I’ve had for about 20 years, that has never skipped a beat. Bottom line, if you need a tool, and you’re hard up for cash, Harbor Freight crap might get the job done, but don’t count on it twice.

Chinese electronics, unfortunately, are what you’re gonna get, whether you  like it or not. If  you don’t buy Chinese, you’re not gonna be watching the Super Bowel, or Nascar, or reading this amazing blog. You could follow the guys around on American Pickers and find an old Philco or Zenith, if you’re that passionate about it. But make sure you buy about a dozen, so you can have parts for repair if needed.

Why the heck can’t we buy that Made in Japan stuff anymore? Japanese make really good stuff. I had a Panasonic portable radio and cassette deck that simply would not die. We drug that dang thing to hell and back and it never failed. Panasonic stuff was bulletproof. Makita power tools, fabulous products. Japanese cars, everyone knows how good those things are. How many Toyota stories have you heard about someone driving a Toyota Hi Lux pickup gazillions of miles? The body rusts and falls off and the engine is still running.

So, you might ask, what does any of this have to do with viruses? My answer is, I just don’t think much of anything comes from China that’s worth a damn. So why wouldn’t a horrible virus that rots your lungs come from China. I mean who eats bats that’s not on hallucinogenic drugs. I just can’t imagine people that have rat farms, eat dogs, cats and other off the wall crap being able to build anything worth a shit. I mean, holy crap, it’s 2020 and they are still eating with a couple of sticks?

I’ve said this before and I’ll say it dozens of more times, the only reason China is  a major world power, is the westerners handed it to them on a golden platter. Communism never builds anything of any value, because the ones in power steal all of the wealth.

So, here we are, we have thousands of sick people, hundreds dying, and we are reliant on drugs made in China , because our half wit leaders allowed everything but condoms to be manufactured off shore. Pretty sure those lawmakers that allowed that to happen profited handsomely off of that deal. BTW, I just threw in that thing about condoms, those things might be made in Lithuania for all I know. Who the hell looks at a condom package to see where it’s made? It’s usually too dark to read it anyway.

So, send your cards and letters to the half wits in Washington and demand that your drugs be made in the USA, unless you’re only buying meth or marijuana then you’re gonna die sooner than later anyway, so it don’t matter. So, if you’re one of the folks that aren’t getting your drugs behind the ” no tell Motel” write to your representative and demand action. Then if they don’t follow through, vote their ass out next election.

I hope this wasn’t so vague that I didn’t get my point across. I tried really hard not to sound raciest or xenophobic. Just kidding, I don’t really give a rat’s behind what people think, they wrote the first amendment especially for people like me with a big mouth.


trump hat KAG

Re-elect our great president, allow him to finish what he started. 



  1. You have most of this right. Got a good laugh this morning. The biggest half wit is the bozo with the yellow hair. You know the expert on everything.


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