Schiff and Barney

I really felt bad about disrespecting Don Knotts this way, but I just couldn’t help myself. 

Adam Schiff really is like a bad venereal disease. VD causes great discomfort in the area of your body that is the most sensitive. Certain venereal diseases, like Schiff, are virtually impossible to get rid of. He’s probably most like herpes. When you have an outbreak, the pain is excruciating, and it ain’t ever going away, but it ain’t gonna kill you. Then you have to tell all of your potential lovers that you have this crud. Unless of course, you’re a heartless liar. 

Well, Adam Schiff is the Republican’s herpes. Right now they’re having an outbreak, and it’s causing them all great pain in that sensitive area. They really can’t do anything under the current circumstances, except let this latest outbreak run it’s course. Nervous Nancy has the antidote, but it looks like she’s going to withhold it.

Jerry Nadler was like a common type of HPV, he was easy to get rid of, because he was mostly ineffective and stupid. He was sort of like Curly, without Moe and Joe. I think earlier in his life when he was grossly over weight, he went on some type of program to slim down, and somehow lost his brain mass along with his fat ass. It’s pretty clear Nervous Nancy saw that his dog and pony show had to many dogs and not enough ponies. She went with good old Adam, he can spread falsehoods faster than Katie Hill can seduce her staffers. AOC might be into throuples, if she thought it would save the planet.

Having to deal with good old Adam is bad enough, but they have rounded up the most bizarre group of witnesses you could ever imagine. The first two bozos were largely clueless. These two guys had information that was four or five times removed from the source. If that wasn’t bad enough, these two idiots actually think that foreign policy is established by the diplomatic corps. They reminded me of a bunch of employees sitting in the break room complaining about the boss. You can complain all you want, just try to changing his policies, you will be introduced to a new group of friends at the unemployment office. Unelected bureaucrats don’t make policy, the elected leaders do. Unelected bureaucrats implement the policies whether they like them or not.

We have another witness coming today which should be interesting. This dumbass was participating in Ukraine elections, among other dumb stuff. She is even more clueless than the first two. She has already broken down and cried when she lost her job, so this may digress into a crybaby drama. She actually thought she was some sort of free agent sent out to change the world as she pleased. She was fired because she is just another Obama holdover partisan hack. Hey stupid, you were working for the Donald, not the eunuch.

The really sad thing about this, is that these partisan bureaucrats are like a termite infestation. They are hiding in the dark corners of the government, gnawing away at the Constitutional framework. Donald Trump is the official Orkin Man, but it seems he is having a real hard time hiring reinforcements. How much damage have the termites actually done? Can it be fixed? Only time will tell, how many more Donald Trumps are willing to take on the task.

Your assignment, if you decide to take it, is to elect more people like Donald Trump, and clean up the infestation. Warning, this message will self destruct in 10 seconds. 😉




  1. That was funny! Orkin Man. I once called Trump a human snowplow. Schiff is a schiffwreck. This lady today has already stolen Hillary and Biden’s lines from dodging incoming fire and going to the front lines of war. It’s amazing she’s alive. She’s definitely playing the martyr card.


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