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This so called impeachment inquiry is a spectacle beyond belief. It has turned into a gathering of half wit, self serving people who have a totally convoluted idea about how government is supposed to work. These so called foreign policy experts, wrongly believe their job is to make policies, as opposed to implementing the policies of the President. That is exactly why Barrack Obama fired almost every one of them when he took office, and replaced them with people that he could trust.

Lt. Colonel Alexander Vindman, now this guy is a real piece of work. Yeah I get it, he’s military, and we’re supposed to respect these guys. Nobody respects the military and military veterans more than I do, but this guy ain’t someone I would want fighting beside me on a battlefield. He just might think he has a better idea than the commander, and get us all killed. Make no mistake, this guys whole persona is his uniform. I’m pretty good at spotting fakes, in my opinion, he’s a fake soldier. He was overheard telling Russian military personnel that Americans weren’t very smart. If you don’t believe me, do your research. He’ll show up on CNN someday as a military analyst. Trust me.

This whole exercise has emphasized the fact that diplomats should be replaced at least every four years. If they stay in service in a foreign country too long, their loyalty to the home country begins to wane, and their empathy grows for the country they are residing in. They begin to feel the need to demand the US government do more for that nation in aid and services. They actually start to think as if they are citizens of that country. You could plainly see this today, listening to the witness diplomats as they testified. That is exactly what the Dems are playing on, trying to exploit their disdain for the President, knowing these people are “dyed in the wool” lefties.

This is my prediction; The Democrats will never vote to impeach the President. They know that the Senate will never, in a million years convict him, and quite possibly throw the whole thing out based on lack of evidence. If the Senate were to hold a trial, all of the Democrat Senators running in the 2020 presidential race would be severely impacted. So, they will run it out as long as possible to create as much havoc and damage as possible, then call it quits. Nervous Nancy and Schiff for brains will make up lies to cover their asses. They have never been serious about this, it’s all about disruption and resistance. They will do anything to deny the President any type of accomplishments that require Congressional cooperation.

As conservatives, we need to be engaged in local elections, support our conservative candidates and do whatever possible to help the Republicans running for the House of Representatives. We need to tell Nancy to put her gavel where the sun don’t shine. Maybe Adam Schiff will accidentally fall into a pile of that bullshit he spreads and die from E.coli. We can only hope.


Idiot Apocolypse






  1. I like your prediction. I just hope this ends sooner than later. Revenge of the Nerds II continues today. Arrogant Vindman is the source to the whistleblower. He lied during private hearing. He’s a Democrat and they never get charged with lying under oath.


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