Alarm Bell

I have been concerned for quite some time about the way the left is attacking the rule of law, and law enforcement. I’m shocked every single day by the level they are taking this to. San Francisco is reeling out of control now. They just elected a new District Attorney by the name of Chesa Boudin. His genealogy is certainly not something to brag about. His mother and father, who were members of the “Weather Underground”, a domestic terror organization, pulled off a heist of an armored car which left three men dead. His mother spent 22 years in the slammer, and his father is still incarcerated. If that wasn’t bad enough, he was raised by Bill Ayres and Bernadine Dohrn, also members of the “Weather Underground”. His resume also lists working for the leftist dictator Hugo Chavez as a translator. I’m sure his education was greatly enhanced during that gig. Bill Ayres is also best buds with Barrack for what that’s worth. Kinda explains Barrack’s views of law enforcement.

Jesse Watters said it best today, saying that Chesa Boudin is there to transform San Francisco into a leftist paradise. Chesa has vowed to pretty much shut down prosecution of public decency laws, shop lifting, break ins, auto theft, etc. Citizens of Frisco are going to see what anarchy looks like up close and personal.

What is stunning, is that all of the major media outlets are giving good ol’ Chesa a glowing review, as if his polices are somehow going to be good for Frisco. How can these people produce this “shit for brains” news and look their viewers in the eyes. It is simply mind boggling.

People, this is just one horrible example. The left is hell bent on destroying our laws, and law enforcement. The ” Sanctuary City ” crap is turning our once beautiful cities into hiding places for illegal alien criminals. The reason that the left is engaged in this insanity, is a power grab. Burn this into your memory; the left will always be willing to sacrifice your peace and safety, it if means they gain power in the end. The left is a social cancer, destroying the body of Democracy, little by little.

If you want to take a stand, and fight off this scourge, arm yourself with facts and stats. When you’re confronted with a left wing nut, be ready to defend your position. Most of these morons just spout talking points and leftist rhetoric, and lies. Fight them with truth. Truth is the most powerful weapon you can use against these cockroaches.

Put on your armor of truth. Never back off from engaging the liars. Be careful, if they think they are losing, they often turn to violence. Stay strong in the defense of our Constitution and Bill of Rights. If we loose the first and second amendments, we’ve lost the battle. Never give up.


bill of rights

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