dji drone

Dji Inspire Camera Drone

For my entire life, I have been fascinated with things that fly. I took flying lessons as a teenager, but was majorly disappointed, it just didn’t generate the thrills that I had imagined. I found the feeling that I was looking for in motorcycles, and became a life long motorcyclist. However, I still loved aircraft, and over the years I was involved in flying gas powered model aircraft, also rockets. I also happen to really like photography. I found the perfect blend of all of the this stuff in camera drones. I bought my first camera drone a few years ago, it was pretty basic, and cheap. I bought better and more expensive drones and learned how to fly them proficiently. 

I recently acquired my dream drone, the one in the picture above, a Dji Inspire. This is a very large, powerful and serious drone. This model is what most filmmakers use, with a better cameral of course. A movie grade camera cost $1,800.00 to $3,000.00 dollars. My camera will work just fine for filming landscapes and real estate.

This drone has a range of about 1.5 miles in any direction, and will fly at 500 foot altitude all day long. The batteries will allow you to fly for about 22 minutes each. I have two. You can cover a lot of ground in 44 minutes.

I am unquestionably a total novice at arial photography, but I will get better. We went to a local state park on a major river today and flew for about an hour with three separate drones. It was awesome.

dji drone 2

This site doesn’t support video, so I am working on putting all of my videos in a location where you can view them. Keep an eye out for more information on where you can go to see them. We are planning on going to a local water fall next weekend, weather permitting. It is located in a really beautiful setting. I’m already excited.

We all need to enjoy ourselves, and spend time with our families. I am flying with my Stepson Marc, and that just enhances the whole experience. We live in a wonderful place where we can enjoy these kinds of things, but we need to keep our eye on the ball, there are forces out there that would like to take it away from you. Don’t let that happen, stay vigilant, stay strong.


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