World's Biggest Liars


What do you think the odds are that these two dimwits would ever be paired up, running a huge scam on the American public, right out in the open, as if no one could see it. These two people put the sleaze in the term sleaze bags. I watch these two everyday, unable to believe my eyes. They are the very reason, the average person loathes lawyers.

Nancy Pelosi doesn’t deserve an ounce of respect. Her actions as the Speaker of the House are nothing short of deplorable. She has been around forever, and knows perfectly well what the “drill” is. She knows perfectly well how impeachment proceedings are supposed to be conducted. She is very well aware of what constitutes and impeachable offense, and she simply doesn’t have what it takes. I think she is secretly seeking revenge for Trump cancelling her flight a few years ago, not allowing her to leave the country. She is probably harboring deep seated anger over that. Whatever her reasons are for the way she is conducting the business of the people, she should be fired. She is putting her petty hatred for the President ahead of everything, and nothing is getting done to make the average persons life better. Her job performance is really bad. If your job performance was as bad as hers, you would be unemployed. Truthfully, she is speaker in name only, the far left mongrels are really in charge.

Adam Schiff has to be, the world’s biggest liar, and at the same really bad at keeping track of all of his lies. When you lie on camera, it’s really hard to deny lying when you get caught red handed, which happens to “Shifty Schiff” on a regular basis. Schiff is like a bad “knock off” of an expensive brand. You know it’s fake the moment you look at it closely. When the man is talking he’s lying. The only time he’s not lying is when he’s not talking. I’ve heard it said that this infatuation about impeachment is going to backfire on the Dems hugely in the 2020 election. We will see, but the Democrats have pretty much squandered their political capital over the past three years. They have accomplished none of the things they ran on in the mid term elections such as infrastructure, healthcare, and etc., while attempting to bring down Donald Trump. In the meantime, Trump just keeps on racking up wins on multiple fronts.

Impeachment is a no win idea for the Democrats. The more they scream for impeachment, the more the Republican base becomes energized. The angrier the average people get because nothing is getting done. They have no criminal activity to base the charges on. Even if they somehow begin impeachment hearings, this will drag well into next year and be a huge distraction, stealing the show from their own presidential candidates. The Senate will never entertain impeachment hearings based on such nonsense. In the end, the only thing Pelosi will have accomplished, is guaranteeing Donald Trump will be re-elected, and the Dems losing the house majority. Couldn’t happen to a nicer bunch of boneheads.

Another bright idea the Democrats are engaged in, with the help of the MSM, is trying to convince people the economy is starting to fail, and there is an impending recession. The way this works, is if they can convince enough people that it is indeed true, people will curtail spending and stop making large purchases. If they are able to do that successfully, they can actually have an impact on the overall economy and take some of the steam out of it. By doing this they feel they can lessen the chances of Trump being re-elected. So…you have to stop a moment and think about this…..the Democrats are trying to induce a recession to regain power. In other words, they are willing to inflict hardship on the everyday hard working folks, who have struggled for the past eight years, just to stay alive. The Dems are willing to put you through that once more just so they can regain power??? After thinking about that for about 1 3/4 seconds, are you still wondering who has your best interest in mind? If you still haven’t figured it out, it’s DJT, not the DNC.

In the meantime, while wacky Nancy, and Schiff for brains are running their fake impeachment hearings, the little darling of the left, AOC, is advocating for violence against the police in NYC. These dumb shits need to be ran out of town on rails. Who in the world has ever, in the history of this nation, heard a member of Congress advocating violence against police? It’s like I’m watching a really bad movie. This is stupidity magnified a thousand times. The people that are going to be harmed in this are lower income folks just trying to scrape out a living. She isn’t going to feel any pain from it, she lives in an upscale DC neighborhood. She just runs her mouth, the results from her words be damned. She’s a mouthy, little moronic witch.

When  you watch and listen to these nitwits, you can’t believe they can get any crazier, then Liz Warren, the make believe native American, comes up with a Medicare for all plan that will literally bankrupt the USA in ten years, and kill millions of jobs. When she’s questioned about it, and told it won’t work, she doubles down on it, and makes the ludicrous claim that middle class folks won’t pay more taxes. She happens to be correct on that issue, because when she’s finished, there won’t be a middle class. This is like watching an episode of ” Jackass”.

People, we’re at a critical time here. You have to wonder, if any one of these Democrat morons were to win the Whitehouse, is this when the wheels fall of the American Dream and the whole damn train goes over a cliff? To borrow a favorite phrase from crazy uncle Joe, c’mon man! Al Gore is even starting to look acceptable. Can you imagine what Harry Truman would think of the modern Democrat party? If this is a glimpse into the future, I’m overjoyed to be almost 80 years old, I won’t have to endure it very long.


Old Glory



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