trump on phone

The Ukrainian phone call circus is one of the most hilarious chapters in this whole get Trump crusade by the Dems. This is what I love about Donald Trump; the dems were swarming like killer bees, over a conversation they knew nothing about, putting all kinds of spin on it, and Trump say’s here you go guys, this is the transcript, knock yourselves out. The whole damn thing immediately falls on it’s face. Kinda.

By doing this Donald Trump just kicked in Joe Biden’s door. The Trump Dump truck, just dumped about 15 cubic yards of dirt in crazy Joe’s office.  Now Biden will spend the coming months defending himself trying to clean up the mess, and I predict it will sink his campaign. Elizabeth Warren is already edging ahead in the polls. Joe is going to find it harder and harder to mount an effective campaign with this hanging over his head. Brilliant strategy on the part of the master troll.

Donald Trump recognized that his Ukrainian counterpart, has goals similar to his own, in wanting to clean up the corruption in his nation. Volodymyr Zelensky will likely welcome the opportunity to sweep out the dirt and Trump knew it. He didn’t have to pay a dime for it, didn’t have to offer favors, he just had to give the guy a reason to begin the cleaning process. Brilliant.

In the middle of this, another story emerges concerning a guy that I am no fan of, Mitt Romney. This guy is one of the strangest dudes to come down the Pike since John McCain. It can’t be reincarnation, they were both alive at the same time. The LDS faith, which Romney is part of, believes that there is a possibility that some of us knew each other, in what they call the pre-existence. If there is any truth in that, these two guys must have taken a blood oath. What the hell does Mitt Romney think he is going to achieve by constantly going up against the President, a fellow Republican. That’s sort like the wide receiver telling his teammates to ignore the quarterback. Mitt, you need to get with the team or get the hell out of town. I would prefer you do the latter and go back to selling pencils and paper. You made it painfully obvious you were a total loser during your own presidential campaign.

Of course the usual Democrat loonies came out of the woodwork. Swalwell, Schiff, and of course the all American combat hero Richard Blumenthal. These guys remind me of people who call themselves “contactees” who claim they were abducted by space aliens and were used for some type of medical experiments. In the case of most of the Democrats, if they really were abducted, they would have been immediately rejected for lack of any visible signs of intelligence. What a bunch of whack jobs.

Stay strong my friends, this is going to be a long hard road to travel. But all of my motorcycle trips that were troubled by weather, or mechanical break downs were the most memorable. You have to rise up to the task, and win the battle. The victory will be sweet.


Republican National Convention: Day Four

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