If you’ve ever known someone suffering from dementia, it’s hard to watch. Especially someone that was once a very vibrant and strong personality. My Father was a victim of advanced dementia. To watch the person you once knew and loved gradually disappear before your eyes is really sad. It appears that Uncle Joe is just beginning to see the ravages of this disease, he is clearly not the guy he used to be. More importantly he is not up to the task that he is attempting to take on. In reality, I’m not sure Joe was ever good Presidential material.

You would think a person like Joe Biden would be surrounded by people that loved him and respected him enough to council him and advise him not to do this. This will destroy his legacy, and end up being a total embarrassment to him and his family. I predict this won’t end well if it continues. If elected, Joe would be eighty years old at the end of his first term. This is where the sinister part comes in.

If you remember, months ago, the media were touting polls that Biden could easily beat Trump in a general election. In my opinion the Democrats were well aware of  Joe Biden’s condition, but urged him to run anyway. The reason; To win the White House at any cost. If they paired up a much younger female running mate, and in fact were successful in the general election, old uncle Joe would just be the front man, the Democrat bureaucrats would actually be in control. Then maybe two years down the road, they would enact the 25th Amendment, Joe is out, and the VP takes over, becoming the first female president.

If you think that’s far fetched, that’s exactly what they did with Bob Mueller. It’s obvious that Mueller had no idea what was going on. They used his good name, to run a sham investigation. In the end, the whole thing was a “bust” and Bob Mueller looked like a total dope. That’s what happens when you care more about money than your character and reputation.

Sadly for the Dems, it looks like old Joe is farther over the edge than they thought, and he ain’t never going to make it to the finish line. Even if he did make it to the finish line, someone would have to be there to remind him where he was. I never thought I would see such a spiritually, and morally bankrupt group of people as the current Democrats. These people would sacrifice you in a moment, for the party, and never think twice.

The Democrats are looking more like the old Communist Party as every day passes. They despise Christians, and Jews. They embrace the ideas of Islam ( that’s a real head scratcher ) They view the Constitution and the Bill of Rights, as big obstacle standing in the way of controlling the masses. If they can just rid of those pesky guns, it will be a whole lot easier to keep ya’ll in line.

The list of anti American actions by the left just gets longer everyday. The actions by the House Democrats speak volumes about their agenda. Look at what is going on with the youngsters, the under 30 year old crowd. These people are seriously screwed up individuals. They’re not sure if they’re male or female. If a male actually claims to be a male, he’s really not sure how to deal with women. The women hate the males, especially if they act like a male. Males think they have to be more feminine, women think they need to more masculine. Then there’s the group that have no idea what they are, but you better not call them male or female, they will find a way to have you fired, or publicly reprimanded. I’ve seen some of these people and I would be hard pressed to identify their gender. I just file them under weird suckers. The Democrats have single handedly created this massive herd of worthless human beings. They did it to control them. It worked.

How far is the left taking this plan? How about this; The trend is to install coed bathrooms in modern buildings and get rid of urinals. Yep, just another move to erase the image of being a man. Since women nowadays so badly want to become men, I suggest  keeping the urinals and providing women with a device so they can stand up and pee. While they’re at it, maybe the medial scientists can figure out a way to transplant prostrates and testicles into women and the can screw themselves. See what happened, the lefties have turned me into a misogynist.

You can be sure of one thing, I’m not really a misogynist, anyone that knows me can testify that I love women. I’m making the point of how crazy the left has gotten, and how far they are willing to take this nonsense. Make no mistake, the left is willing to totally destroy the country you know and love to achieve their goals of total and complete power. Don’t let them do it. Do everything in your power to push back against these jerks.


Eagle and Flag


  1. I never thought of that, pulling ol’ Joe out and having the first woman pres. I can see it now– Biden/Warren ticket. Help us all. Glad my kids are over the age of 30. Everyone needs to complain whenever there aren’t normal bathrooms and vote these liberal kooks out of office.


  2. My comments were based on comments I heard from a guy in a large city. He said he went to the restroom in a new building and was shocked by the glass doors. He walked in and there were two guards on duty, and a woman washing her hands. He asked the guard if he was in the wrong restroom, and the guard said no, it is a coed restroom. If they have posted guards in the restroom, that’s a pretty good indication to me, that this is a bad idea. I suppose the glass doors are also an effort to thwart nefarious activities. This is a clear example of fixing something that wasn’t broken. It’s been a very busy summer, just now getting some time to write. Thank you so much for your comments.

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