tucker carlson

I am a huge fan of Tucker. I have been listening to conservative pundits since the great Rush Limbaugh came along in the eighties. I actually went to see him when he was doing concerts, at ( of all places ) University of California at Irvine. Can you imagine Rush doing a concert at any University in the USA? That was the good old days before liberals lost their minds and became deranged lefties.

I used to be a Bill O’Reilly regular when his show came on at 5:00 pm, then followed it up with Megan Kelly. I was bummed when they both went down in flames. Then Tucker took over the 5:00 pm slot. I liked Tucker’s style from the start.

Tucker’s straight forward, tell it like it really is style, proved to be more than the lefties could handle. Hate speech to the lefties is any speech they don’t agree with. Tucker gave them plenty to disagree with. Consequently, they started strong arming the sponsors, and Fox News. Many of Tuckers sponsors couldn’t take the heat and dropped away. Fox News stood behind him kind of. It is pretty evident that Tucker has toned down his writing, and is pulling his punches.

I think the reason I find this guy so interesting, is his writing style. It’s not made up of “boiler plate” conservative rhetoric like Sean Hannity. His writing is well thought out, and intelligent. His monologues are products of a true ” wordsmith “.

If you don’t currently watch Tucker Carlson Tonight, check it out. Anyone that knows me, knows that I don’t take calls between 5:00 and 6:00 pm. At my house that time is known as the “Coffee and Tucker Hour”.

I know, this sounded like a paid ad, but it’s not. I think this guy strives to deliver a clear, and honest assessment of what is happening, without all of the nonsense biases.


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