Donald J. Trump, is obviously not Neo but he may be pretty darn close to Morpheus. My point is, for years, what you thought was real, was not real at all. You were told for years, that the CIA, and the FBI were the bulwarks of truth, justice, and the American way. We now know that’s total, unadulterated bullshit. Unlike Joe Biden, I know there is no difference between truth and facts. The facts happen to be, the FBI and the CIA have been corrupted by politics and power. The truth is, that both organizations were willing to overthrow an election in favor of Hillary Clinton and the Democrats. When they failed miserably at that, they shifted gears and tried to unseat the president by framing him with lies and false witnesses. If Hillary had won the election, you would have never known any of this, the Matrix would have remained in place and undisturbed. We learned today that the corruption in the FBI went even deeper than anyone knew. The Inspector General found this out a year ago, and the Justice Department, and Chris Wray have refused to release any documents, even though there is plenty of evidence that it occurred.

You may not think much of Paul Manafort, although I think Paul may have operated slightly outside to the law in some cases, but give me a break. Hillary and Bill Clinton make Paul Manafort look like a “piker” when it comes to shady dealings. The FBI raided his house at 5:00 AM and marched him out in his Pj’s for loan fraud?? The FBI raided Roger Stones house @ 5:00 AM with automatic rifles ( with CNN in tow ), what a crock. The only reason they did the “grandstand” arrests was that both of these guys were associated with Donald Trump. Neither one of these guys were remotely dangerous. AR’s @ 5:00 am, it’s beyond stupid and lame.

The dumb shits in D.C. aren’t smart enough to create a Matrix like the one in the movie, so they do it the old fashioned way, they build walls with lies and deceit. The guardians of the Matrix are not super humanoids like agents Smith, Brown and Jones, they’re just everyday crooked lawyers and deep state actors, steeped in political bias.

The Founding Fathers were indeed inspired by a higher power when they created the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. The creation of this nation was one of the greatest accomplishments ever achieved by mortal man. But, over the years, the cockroaches and rats, have burrowed into what was once a noble establishment. I doubt the Founding Fathers would even recognize their creation if they were somehow able to view it today.

I am becoming more and more convinced, the perpetrators of the lies, and deceit will never face justice. It’s becoming more apparent every day. The Matrix will protect it’s creators at the peril of the Republic. The law only applies to the common man and political opponents of the Matrix. Wake up commoners, the climate change lie, is one more tool the Matrix will use to control you and tax you into submission.  If they succeed, your future is slavery. You can kiss freedom goodbye forever. If you think I am being over dramatic, go post a conservative comment on Face Book, You Tube, or Twitter, and see what happens. You are allowing these people to censor your speech, and yet you still use the platforms. You’re surrendering your first amendment rights without even the slightest resistance. You are sleeping with the enemy.

Your freedom has never been in more danger than it is right now, and it’s not from outside of our borders. Your freedom is under assault by the leftists, that want total and complete power, and don’t give a damn about the Constitution.


bill of rights


One thought on “THE MATRIX FOR REAL

  1. Good story. Martha had a whistleblower on her show yesterday. He has known about the political espionage (his words) since 12-2015 when he was dating a Russian spy. She told him what was going down and that it started at the very top three leaders of our country. She was part of the plan to take out Trump. He remained silent but gave his story to Barr. They all know what happened and who’s is involved. Wray is trying to keep documents from becoming public. Wray needs to go as he is protecting the FBI. Strzok was taking his orders from the very top. That’s why he had that smug look on this face. He was protected. It should finally come out what the CIA, FBI, Secret Service were all involved in. Can’t wait to see the egg on the faces of CNN and MSNBC and all the Democrats in power.


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