Democrat Debate


I have been catching the highlights ( if you can call them that ) from this ungodly spectacle of stupidity. These people are running for the office of the President of the United States of America, espousing ideas that are contrary to the sacred principles this country was founded on. The ideas they are floating as a running platform, are so far removed from what the average American thinks and feels, it make no sense whatsoever. When you’re light years away from reality at this point, how do you come back to a sensible position for the general election, and not be laughed out of the room? Aren’t you in fact sealing your own doom?

Think about this disastrous idea for a moment, and let your mind form a realistic picture of the future if it was implemented. Open the borders, anyone can walk right in, no questions, no restrictions. Then announce that all of these new arrivals, are eligible for welfare benefits, free healthcare, housing assistance, and free education. The United States would instantly become a black hole of sorts, a huge vacuum, sucking in all of the downtrodden, poor, uneducated souls from every dark corner of this planet. All rushing in to claim a piece to the golden American Dream. Suddenly, America would descend into the “third world”, exactly what these poor souls were trying desperately to escape. Sadly, nobody, except the political elites would escape the inevitable. This is the perfect formula for destroying this glorious nation, our predecessors, gave their lives to preserve. It would be impossible to collect enough taxes to support such an outlandish idea.

So, at the same time these geniuses are pushing this really brilliant idea, they are embracing the ” Green New Deal “, which would effectively raise taxes on every man, woman and child in America, by enormous amounts. The ” Green New Deal,” coupled with open borders and free healthcare, free education, and a living wage if you don’t really want to work, are about as compatible as Donald Trump and Ilhan Omar. In fact none of these ideas are going to work, to put it bluntly, the whole thing is a ” shit show “. These people even saying this stuff is an insult to the intelligence of anyone with an I.Q. higher than a cantaloupe. Picturing any of these loons sitting the oval office, is so far from sanity, my mind can’t comprehend it. Marianne Williamson my be the smartest person on the stage. Picture her in the oval office with 150 candles and incense, all of the windows draped in colorful cloth and glass beads. Even that’s easier to imagine than De Blasio in the oval.

As I sit here and read my own words, I’m feeling terribly inadequate, in being able to express how depressing it is, to see this group of clowns in a contest for the President of the United States of America. These people aren’t qualified to run a hot dog cart. And to believe I complained about Barrack.


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