Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, the 29 year old woman from New York City, took Washington, D.C. by storm in the last congressional election cycle. They called her the “phenom”. On the surface she was a phenomenon. The main stream media immediately fell in love with her. Remember them showing pictures of her worn out shoes that she supposedly wore while canvassing her district on foot? She unseated an incumbent, Joseph Crowley, which was viewed by everyone as a major upset victory. Crowley was the #4 Democrat in the house. Her backers clearly had their eye on her becoming the future Speaker of the House.

She unveiled the “New Green Deal”, seemingly out of nowhere. Almost everyone was taken aback by this young woman presenting such a document, when she was after all a freshman in the Congress, with no ranking. I watched her with great interest, and the first thing I noticed was her inability to shut up. She made one stupid statement after another. That’s when I began to suspect that she was a front person only, for a behind the scenes organization of some sort. My suspicions were justified when a law professor named Robert Hockett, showed up on Tucker Carlson’s show and admitted that he was the driving force behind the “New Green Deal”, and disputed some of the claims that AOC had been making.

There is another really important player behind the scenes, it’s her chief of staff, Saikat Chakrabarti. This guy has orchestrated some less than stellar moves on her part that definitely skirted the law. In my opinion, this guy is dangerous, and has no place anywhere near the halls of Congress.

In my opinion, AOC, has blown all of her hard earned political capital by joining forces with Omar, Pressley, and Tlaib. She has shown herself to have a “herd” mentality as opposed to being a strong independent woman. Had she remained a strong, solitary player, she would have been a virtual powerhouse. She has now reduced herself to a barking dog, her voice compromised and weakened by three other self seeking women only interested in promoting themselves and their ideology. They only have one tool in their possession, calling everyone in the world a raciest.

AOC has shown the world, that she in fact does not have what it takes to be the speaker of the house. She is just being used as a tool, by behind the scenes handlers. As much as I make fun of Nancy Pelosi, she had what it took to become the Speaker, and you have to give her credit for that. You would have never seen Nancy Pelosi become part of a group like the “squad”. AOC is part of the “squad” because she ain’t got what Nancy’s got.

By the way, Robert Hockett, recently revealed that the “New Green Deal” was never about climate, it as all about restructuring the economic system of the US, converting it to be more in line with the European economic system. When you compare the European economy to the US economy, who in their right mind would remotely consider such nonsense. The answer is Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and her backers. Makes you feel real good don’t it? Listen up people, whatever you do, don’t take your eye off the ball.


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2 thoughts on “AOC, OH MY!

  1. Very good. Let’s keep exposing her for what she really is. The MSM is easily taken in by phonies like her i.e. Smollett, Cohen, Balsey Ford, Avanti, Swetnick, then they have to backpedal real fast. I blame her sudden rise on the fake news which can’t stop following her around. She’s a constitution and American values killer. And someone is behind her like they were with Obama.


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