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Imagine a world without Face Book, Twitter, Instagram. It would be a quieter, safer, and friendlier place for sure. These platforms are incubators of insanity. In the next few paragraphs, I will layout my case as to why the social media platforms are extremely dangerous to our way of life.

A. The lefties discovered long ago, that by creating a “boogeyman” it is extremely effective in influencing masses of people to act in a certain way by . A “boogeyman” is group or an issue they can demonize and rally large groups of people to respond. They have been doing this for years, they are very skilled in this arena. Social media is a dream come true for the perpetrators of this type of behavior.

B. There is no way of knowing what your reading is true or not. Since this is an open forum, anyone can post anything, for any reason, good or bad. It could be a bald face lie and if you don’t take the time to investigate it, you will never know. How many of us have time to do that? The problem immediately becomes a huge number of people that are ready and willing to believe anything. This can obviously lead to major problems like people storming a business thinking bad things are happening in the back room, because they read it on social media, and it was nothing more than a lie posted by someone that hated the owners of that particular business. People can get seriously injured or killed, when it was all a lie.

C. Momentum has been building for a mass invasion of Area 51 by citizens, and it all started on social media. Someone made the claim that the United States Air Force has the corpses of interstellar travelers ( space aliens ) recovered from the wreckage of a UFO. Just for fun, I attended an abductee / UFO believers conference. That was an incredibly absurd experience. No person with a shred of sanity would take these folks seriously. But, obviously a lot of people have taken them seriously and are planning to overrun  security and storm the facility at area 51. This is where the most top secret weapons of the future are being developed. The USAF is deadly serious about security. This could end up in a large scale tragedy started by a bunch of idiots on keyboards.

D. Human beings will do most anything for the so called “fifteen minutes of fame”. They imagine themselves being seen by millions of people, and becoming instantly famous. The more outrageous and dangerous the act the better. All too often these acts lead to loss of life, and/or serious injury to themselves and others. Not to mention danger to first responders, and search and rescue teams attempting to save them after their act of stupidity.

E. A person’s reputation, and career can be totally destroyed by false claims, by someone hiding behind a keyboard. You can be tried, and convicted in court of public opinion, and never get the chance to meet your accuser. Your whole life can go down the drain, in spite of your best efforts, and your losses devastating. It could take you years to recover from someone bearing false witness via the internet. There have been dozens of youngsters commit suicide because of cyber bullying.

F. Social media is a great place to recruit followers for most any cause. You can readily find like minded folks willing to join up with you. ISIS recruited thousands of militant Muslim fighters in an effort to establish a Caliphate, on Face Book no less. Antifa is using Face Book to recruit followers to join the revolution against the evil and fascist United States, and it’s institutions. Black Lives Matter use Face Book as well. Strangely Face Book doesn’t have a problem with these groups using their platform, but regularly ban benign organizations with conservative agendas. You can only surmise that evil has a home on social media.

G. Social media has too much unrestricted power. Google is unquestionably the most powerful company in history. Google’s origins are right here in the good ol’ USA, but because of the anti American sentiment that resides within the hallowed halls of their strange world, they refuse to assist the US military in AI development, but are willing to assist Chinese developers. It’s no secret that the hierarchy at Google is very left leaning and anti American. It’s been said these people view themselves as citizens of the world, not a particular nation. I seriously doubt that attitude would fly in a communist regime such as China. I imagine the communist leaders would sort that out fairly quickly. I’m pretty sure the Chinese to could give a shit less about the Bill of Rights. Just a guess.

Summary: So, if social media is so dangerous, and many experts are making that claim, why haven’t our law makers reigned it in? It’s called greed. Social media giants have insane amounts of money, and pay law makers very well, to make sure their operations are not curtailed in any way. Politicians will do anything for big money donors, so they can keep their jobs. Politicians will put their political future ahead of your well being every single time, make no mistake about that. It don’t matter which side of the aisle they sit on. That’s why the Washington establishment hates your President. Hope and pray the lawmakers wake up and take action before it’s too late. But I wouldn’t count on it as long as the money keeps flowing into their accounts. Unfortunately the oldest profession in the world is alive and well in Washington, D.C.


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  1. I agree that social media has ruined our country. I don’t believe in Facebook so I never joined. It seemed like an innocent way to spy on what your kids were up to when it first began. Now it has gotten too political, mob rule-ish, and leftist just like main stream media. Facebook users were all in for Hillary, yet she lost. Hope it goes away someday. But Freedom of Speech and politicians will not curtail it, like you said. :/


  2. Ben a book for you consideration: Man’s Search for Meaning – by Viktor E. Frankl
    Frankl’s theory-known as logotherapy, from the Greek word logos (“meaning”)-holds that our primary drive in life is not pleasure, as Freud maintained, but the discovery and pursuit of what we personally find meaningful. For most conservatives meaning is derived from God and Bible. For those on the left who don’t have Biblical values in their lives, the must find, or make up their own meaning.


  3. That makes perfect sense to me. Many commentators as of late, have been referring to the left wing mantra as a form of religion. That’s why the left is engaged in such rage when others disagree. Thanks for reading my blog, I always appreciate your comments. God Bless.


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