If you read my blog, you’ve heard me say many times that I’m a hopeless news junkie. At my age there ain’t a lot to do to occupy my time other than scope out whatz happenin’. But, let’s face it not much is actually new in the news. In, northeast Portland, it’s pretty much a given that there’s gonna be a drive-by shooting or two, one or two pedestrians are gonna be run over, there’s gonna be a crash caused by street racers. Some group of totally whacked out morons are gonna be demonstrating in downtown Portland. Demonstrating is a perfect word, they’re demonstrating how stupid they are. Believe me, stupid is an understatement when talking about Portlanders. I’m pretty sure these people are the missing link between Neanderthals and humans. You can always count on the Mayor, whacko Ted Wheeler, to say something really outrageously dumb. Then, there’s the eternal circus known as Portland State University. They seriously need to consider tossing out the cap and gowns for graduation ceremonies, and replace them with clown suits. If all of this wasn’t bad enough, the so called “homeless” people, actually drug addled human garbage, have taken over the streets in downtown and surrounding areas. It is truly a sickening sight to behold. One of my friends posted on Face Book a few weeks ago saying ” pray for the people of Portland”, nothing has happened, it just sucks to be there. I don’t live there, I live south of Portland a considerable distance, and I have no desire to go anywhere near it.

Kate Brown, our illustrious governor, is a real piece of crap. She is an outrageously far left wing Democrat. Her solution to fixing any and all problems, is tax the living hell out of everyone, and everything that moves. Our property taxes are already through the roof and she’s proposing a tax hike of 40%. That’s almost $2,000.00 a year for my house. Where does this halfwit think people are going to come up with this extra money? The median income in Oregon ain’t all that great, it’s $60,212.00. Median price for a home in Oregon is $346,000.00. Those are not good numbers for working folks. At the median income a person can only afford about $1,200.00 per month for rent. If you’re a governor you should be focusing on how to improve the lives of the citizens, not how to drive them further into poverty. She doesn’t give a rat’s ass, as long as she funds the PERS, and rewards all of her union buddies that put her worthless ass in the State Governors Mansion. It ain’t likely to change anytime soon, Eugene, Salem, and Portland dominate the political demographics, and Republicans are a rare breed in western Oregon. So, the liberal idiots will continue to drive Oregon into the ground with high taxes and overly abundant regulations on everything.

Wow, it’s the latest craze by crazed Democrats to express how much the hate America. What’s up with that? Why would you be running for President of a country that you hate? Everyday the list gets longer of what they hate, and who they hate. These people are really a bunch of miserable assholes. I’m listening very intently, and I have not heard one positive message out of any of these people. Congressional Democrats are constantly attacking Trump for anything they can dream up, and when they’re not doing that, they’re attacking each other. All these idiots do is waste time and money, they are totally, 150% useless. Cortez, Omar and Talaib, are a joke, in my opinion, they are not worthy to be sitting in Congress, when harboring such disdain for America, and Americans.

After reading everything above, you’re probably thinking, wow, this guy is really stressed out. Nope, not so. I’m 78 years old, so I’m a short timer here on this planet. My kids and grandkids should be the ones stressed out, the Democrats are totally screwing up their world. I’m just an observer at this point, telling like it really is. I have to admit, I was a little stressed that the US Women’s soccer team won. I really wanted to see those pompous little broads get their butts kicked. Does that make me a bad guy? Oh well, don’t look for an apology.


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    1. I took a couple of weeks off writing, had a bunch of other stuff I had to get done. But I can’t stay quiet long. The dumb stuff people are doing these days make my head spin. Thanks for reading my rants. Have a great day.



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