Nike, you know, the multibillion dollar corporation that makes sneakers, and has a gigantic corporate campus in Portland, Oregon. Yep, that Nike. Well they came up with this really cool design to celebrate the Fourth of July, complete with a Betsy Ross flag on the rear of the shoe. I’m not a huge Nike fan, I think their shoes are heavily overpriced, considering they pay the people that actually make them next to nothing. That’s not my point, my point is that they pulled the product because Colin Kaepernick complained, because he claims, the Revolutionary Flag is a symbol of slavery. Never mind that good old Colin was adopted and raised by wealthy white people that made sure he had everything money could buy. He lived that much sought after California lifestyle with plenty of money for whatever his little heart desired. Then to top it off, he was hired by the San Francisco Forty-niners to lead their team as the quarterback, with a multi-million dollar contract. Unfortunately for the “Niners” he sucked as a quarterback. So, how does this dumbass repay America for this charmed lifestyle…….. he disrespects the American Flag and Fallen American Heroes by kneeling for the National Anthem. Then to make matters worse, Nike takes sides with this POS, and hires him as a spokesperson. So, in my estimation, that puts Nike in the same category as American haters. That’s the perfect example of ” the tail wagging the dog”. Based on the facts above, if you love America and the American way of life, I suggest you join me and buy Sketchers and tell Nike to pound sand.

Brit Air Traveler

This British Spitfire boarded a plane in Europe headed home for London in the outfit pictured above. The stewardess promptly provided her with a proper top and demanded that she change before she would be allowed to fly. She complied, but continued to be a pain in the ass, obviously not happy about having to cover up. Eventually, the crew had enough and booted her from the flight. All of this brought back memories of years ago, when I flew out of LAX, and picked up visiting family members. I was always highly amused by the wild and crazy outfits that women wore when they traveled by air. I said at the time ( fifty years ago ) that I was convinced that women had a section in their wardrobe for air travel, that was a collection of the most bizarre clothing they could buy. I’m sure they look far and wide for this stuff, and would never dare to wear anywhere except to a International Airport. If they dared to wear it in front of their friends they would risk severe ridicule. I thought it might just be me, then I started looking around, and never observed women outside of airports dressed in such ridiculous fashion, except maybe at the midway at the county fair.


This halfwit was in Mexico over the weekend, speaking to small gatherings of Mexican citizens talking about how climate change had something to do with the economy in Central America and why the US was obligated to take in the migrants because the US was responsible for climate change. Why the hell is this guy in Mexico? Does he even have a clue that he’s an American citizen, and his first obligation is to Americans, not migrants from Central America. Maybe he should have been in LA trying to convince the idiots in California to clean up the homeless mess. Then he could have traveled up the coast to Frisco, and made the same speech there. We have plenty of problems to deal with right here at home. The dimwit California governor traveled to Guatemala a couple of months ago to lecture them on how to run their country, while his own state is literally falling apart. Almost 50% of California families don’t speak English, the poverty level is shameful, homeless people are creating an environmental nightmare. They just raised gasoline taxes to pay for the social programs, which are certain to cause already poor people to fall farther behind, making it harder for them to get to their jobs. I’m sure he had great suggestions for the leaders of Guatemala. Every time I think it’s impossible for the Democrats to get more radical and out of touch with reality, they come up with another idea dumber than before. Please don’t elect any of these idiots to any political office.






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