So Beto shows up again today, and announces he is running for the White House in 2020. I don’t even know where to start on this. Probably the thought that would come to mind first, is that if I were looking for a really smart person for the position of the President of the United States, he would not be on my short list, or long list, or any list. I would be looking for a person with a long list of accomplishments, a person that’s a “can do” type  person. A person of courage, commitment, and personal values that don’t change with every little political breeze. Nope it wouldn’t be him.

I saw him doing a speech today, I believe it was in Iowa. He was waving his hands and arms around like a crazy guy, plagiarizing a speech by AOC, saying if we don’t take the drastic action called for in the New Green Deal, we all be dead in 12 years. Human life will become extinct. What is it with these 12 year clocks? I’ve seen these “dooms day” nuts all of my life and they all seem to have a 12 year deadline when everything is going to end. Beto and AOC are trying to tell you that the USA is the main culprit in pollution which is pure B.S. Let me run some numbers by you to put this into perspective.

Total square miles of earths surface: 196.9 million. 70% of that is covered by water, leaving about 30% of dry land. Of that 30% of dry land, 57% of that is desert or mountains. So, out of all of the earth’s surface, we are left with about 12% of habitable area. Of that 12% the USA is is a mere 6%. No rational person that really thought about this for more than a nano second would come to the conclusion that mankind could affect the climate to any measurable degree. Anyone that thinks this way has not really considered how minute man really is in relationship to the overall planet, and planetary system. Consider this; the planetary system is not a machine, with all of the parts mechanically connected to control the trajectory of the planets. The earth’s rotation around the sun is not on a fixed path, it varies. Even the earth’s axis is not fixed. The magnetic north pole is currently moving toward Siberia. As a matter of fact the north and south magnetic poles have flipped numerous times. There are so many variables involved it’s mind boggling. Suggesting that man can control the climate is nothing short of ludicrous. Only a fool would believe that.

Over the past 100 years they believe the earth’s temperature has risen about 1.3 degrees Fahrenheit. They only started keeping records since 1880. Exactly how much the temperature of the earth varied before that, nobody knows. The earth has gone through some really catastrophic periods in history, none of which are attributable to man. So, what happens if they were to put these practices in play outlined in the New Green Deal and they don’t work? What happens if they completely destroy life in the USA as we know it and the temperature doesn’t change? You won’t be able to hold any of these idiots accountable, they will all be dead. This is the danger of listening to these morons. They can literally convince people to do crazy shit, screw up an entire economy, and just walk away with no consequences.

Bottom line is this; These idiots are trying to convince people to put them into office using fear tactics. In reality, they don’t know what the hell they are talking about. They are simply parroting B.S. that they heard someone else say. They think it’s their ticket to a seat in the game. For me, I would never vote for a person spouting this nonsense, it tells me they’re liars, or just plain stupid.


Earth Globe



    1. I like that word, I’m going to put it to use in future writings. Thanks for reading my stuff. As far as a comparo with Obama, neither one of them had anything to bring to the table other than a plate of bullshit. Obama stumbled through eight years, had no fucking idea what he was doing.

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