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This has to be one of the most iconic baseball hats ever made. In my lifetime I have never seen anything quite like it. Democrat’s hair instantly explodes into flames at the mere sight of a MAGA hat. They break out in a cold sweat, and the latent desire to become a serial killer surfaces. Their heart rate and blood pressure instantly go to the top of the meter. They literally go totally bonkers, unable to control there innermost emotions. That’s is why it makes me smile when I see one. If you love Trump, you love these hats.

I was watching a clip today taken from an CNN newscast. There were four or five guests speaking about the Jusse Smollett arrest and indictment. Even though the evidence is overwhelming that he did something really stupid, the lefties are still trying to paint him as a victim, trying to say this was caused by Donald Trumps actions. Of course the MAGA hat came up, and one of the black female guests admitted that the mere sight of one of these hats triggers her, and causes her great angst, and makes her very angry. To actually admit to that makes you sound like a whack job. 

When lefty protesters take to the streets, with their burn and destroy tactics, the first thing you hear them say, is we are exercising our right to free speech. I have said repeatedly that lefties are liars, because the last thing they believe in is free speech, unless of course they’re the one’s doing the speaking. This is evident at Universities and Colleges when lefties go into full attack mode at the mere mention of a conservative speaker. But the MAGA hat is the ultimate example. Wearing a MAGA hat is absolutely freedom of speech, but the liars on the left think free speech only applies to them and will attack the wearer, sometimes doing bodily harm, and destroying private property in the process. Again, the hat exposes the lefties for what they really are, they care nothing for the rights and privileges of others, that may have a different viewpoint. They are the true Fascists they claim to be fighting.

Wearing a MAGA hat in public can be dangerous. If you wear one, you better be big, bad and strong, because you will very likely be attacked, especially in any coastal city. This is another great example of exposing the liars. When you see a lefty protest, two of the most prominent placards that you see say, “stop hate”, or “love not hate”. This is my challenge; put a MAGA hat inside your jacket, out of sight, join the march beside a person carrying one of these stop hate signs, then pull the hat out and put it on your head. You’re likely to get beaten with the stop hate sign and anything else they may be carrying.

Last Friday, Bryton Turner, a 23 year old white male, was having dinner in a Mexican restaurant in Cape Cod. He was sitting quietly at the bar with his friends having dinner when he was attacked by Rosaine Santos, a 41 year old immigrant from Brazil. Her reason for the attack….. he was wearing a MAGA hat. She would not stop attacking him even after the Police arrived. Her response was; ” He’s not the victim, I am the victim, I have been bullied, OK?” So there you go, you’re a bully if you wear a MAGA hat. Whatever the attacker does, it’s not their fault, you made them do it.

You may have seen the video taken last week a U.C. Berkeley of an attack on a young man who was handing our literature for ” Turning Point America” a conservative youth group. He also just happened to be wearing a MAGA hat. He was harassed and punched repeatedly by a much larger man. The good news is that the attacker has been identified and arrested. This kind of violence against conservatives is commonplace and needs to stop.

I heard a black female commentator on CNN say that President Trump is dividing the people, he is the reason for all of the violence. No, the democrat’s intolerance for other viewpoints is causing the violence. The conservatives aren’t the ones breaking windows, burning cars, beating people because of their clothing. The conservatives aren’t the ones killing police officers, and burning police cars. The conservatives aren’t the ones calling for socialism, and abolishing capitalism. The conservatives aren’t the ones destroying historical monuments, or causing riots at universities because they don’t like a speaker. When you analyze all of the dialog and actions that come from the Democrat party, you can only assume that they really hate the USA. That is the reason that hate crime hoaxes exist, the left is simply trying to convince you that it’s not them, it’s actually your people that are the haters. Lies and deceit, are the well worn tools of Democrats. 


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  1. Yes I love that Maga hat because it exposes the racism of the Liberals. If only they had the self-awareness to realize that they are the very thing they claim to be against. Even up here in Canada I got ridiculed when I first mentioned I supported Trump. I cannot believe that people cannot see that this division is all by design.


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