When Nancy and other democrats say that walls are immoral, what they’re really saying is, ” trying to stop the flow of future democrats into our country is immoral”. If you want to understand democrats, you have to realize that just about everything they say is a total lie, and if it isn’t an out and out lie, it’s double speak. The democrats have perfected cheating to a level no one thought was possible. Hillary pulled every dirty trick in the book against Bernie in the 2016 democratic primary, paid fusion GPS to concoct a fake dossier about Donald Trump, got the FBI in on it and actually presented to the FISA court judges so they could spy on the Trump campaign and unmask Americans. She did all of this while using an unsecured server as Secretary of State, then when it was discovered, wiped the hard drives with “bleach bit” to hide her private conversations, even after the FBI asked her to surrender all of her records. I don’t believe the server was every turned over to the FBI. Of course they weren’t really interested in it anyway.

While we’re on this subject about the FISA courts, I have a theory that I have not heard anyone else mention. Conservative pundits and commentators are constantly talking about how the FBI and DOJ lied to the the FISA Court judges so they could spy on Americans. Given the level of corruption that we now know existed in the FBI and DOJ, who’s to say the FISA courts aren’t corrupt, and were complicit in breaching the trust of the people? Have you heard any FISA Court judges complaining?? 

Listen for the word xenophobic and pay attention to how many times it’s said and about who. You will hear it used frequently by the Democratic presidential candidates, and every major main stream news outlet referring to the Republicans. They are constantly referring to the President as a major xenophobe. This is what is really going on. The democrats are trying to knock down any resistance to responsible immigration practices, because they know that unbridled illegal immigration saturates the nation with people that have no interest in becoming American citizens or assimilating into the American culture, and are welfare seekers. They are perfect candidates for transforming the United States into a socialist state. The more diverse the cultures, and the more foreign languages that are spoken, the easier it is to gain total control over the population. How easy do you think it will be to revoke the first and second amendments if a huge amount of the population are not naturalized citizens and do not speak English? The democrats see these people as drones, pure and simple.

Also this grand scheme will require people to be utterly terrified to speak incorrectly concerning people of color, in fear of being labeled a raciest and losing your job, or having your whole career torpedoed. How do they do that? They start looking for any sign of racism no matter how small, and blow it out of proportion, and start making examples out of innocent people. When people realize that the wrong words can literally destroy their lives, they become very compliant. The first amendment starts to become irrelevant. If you dare speak badly of immigrants, you will be labeled a racist. If you saw the movie the ‘Body Snatchers” you will remember when a normal person was discovered, the aliens would run after them screaming, and exposing them. Same thing. If racism isn’t happening, you can always find a Jussie Smollett to make it up, then you can accuse an entire group of people, not just one or two.

People, wake up. The democrats are finally getting the nerve to tell you what the plan is, kind of. They now think they have enough converts to start the ball rolling toward a complete socialist country. They imagine themselves as being the ruling class that will be in power forever. They covet the day when there is only one political party and they don’t have to put up with that pesky document, the Constitution, and all of the nonsensical restrictions that it imposes. MSNBC, CNN, NBC, CBS will all be merged into the National News Network, or NNN. Fox will be no more.

There is another group of people that need to wake up, quickly, it’s already starting to become apparent. If and when this country becomes dominated by the democratic party, being a Jew will become very dangerous. For some unknown reason, democrats seem to be blind to the threat of Islam. Courting Islam is courting certain domination. Islam does not tolerate the coexistence with anyone other than other Muslims.

Good ol’ Bernie, is the only one that will speak the truth. He admits he wants to fundamentally transform this country into a socialist regime. You don’t have to be a genius to know how that ends,  you just have to look at Russia, China, Venezuela, North Korea, or any other socialist nation, take your pick. The people have absolutely no power. They have no weapons to combat tyranny, they have no say in what the government does, or doesn’t do. The general population becomes slaves of the state, and if you resist, no one ever sees you again. This is the democrats dream for America? Is this what you want?





  1. Yes, xenophobic seems to be their buzz word of the week. And racist. Still trying to pin those words onto Trump with the “staged” hate crimes. And the media circling the wagons around McCabe is a joke. Makes it hard to turn on the news, even FOX, as they have to cover this nonsense too. The “snatched” bodies are walking around clueless to what is really going on while we sit and wait for someone to wake up America. Right now it’s just Trump.


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