Earth Globe

Isn’t it beautiful? This gorgeous multi colored orb floating in space that we call home. Beautiful mountains, rivers, and rich fertile valleys. There is nothing else like it that we know of for certain. How did we get lucky enough to inherit this blue mansion? People of faith believe it was a gift from God, and it was created especially for us. No question that only God could create something of such grandeur and splendor.


mountains and lake

Unbelievably, there are still places like this that are unspoiled, where you can truly feel God’s presence. Truthfully, I have felt closer to God in places like this than I ever did sitting in a church pew. God gave human beings stewardship over his creation, and I don’t think we are doing such a great job.



Think about this for a moment. Look at this building and imagine how it appeared when it was brand new, before anyone ever occupied it. I will guarantee you that the builder was extremely proud of what he created, and he should have been. Sadly, after many years, the tolls of economics, politics and neglect brought it to it’s present state. This is a scaled down version of what is happening to planet earth. This building could be restored to it’s original beauty if someone was willing to invest the time and money. But it’s a very small task compared to fixing what is going on in our world. But just like restoring this old building, it starts with cleaning up the debris from the past.

Once the cleanup is completed, a plan is developed to determine what the the completed building will look like, and what amenities is will possess. The process is overseen by a single individual or group with a set of plans and specifications to achieve the desired end result. If multiple contractors were allowed to work “willy nilly” doing their own thing, no telling what the outcome would be.

That is what is happening in our world. Hundreds of nations, all functioning as individuals, without any regard whatsoever for the overall good of humanity. It wasn’t that critical hundreds of years ago before mankind had a stockpile of deadly weapons of mass destruction that can reach another country thousands of miles away. We have become very proficient in killing each other. Our planet is becoming smaller and smaller.

Now, we have a similar thing going on in our own country. Years ago, our communication with our fellow Americans was very limited. We now know what is happening in every nook and cranny in our nation. Everyone is walking around taking pictures and posting them on the internet. Unfortunately, the pictures often don’t tell the whole story, and people draw the wrong conclusions.

The sudden massive explosion of available information is very destructive to our social fabric. A great portion of the data posted is from a selfish position, and is posted to reinforce that selfish position. It would be bad enough, if it was only individuals that were guilty of this, but the major news outlets are getting involved as well. Case in point is the Catholic School youths, that were wrongly accused last week of engaging in raciest activities. This conclusion was drawn due to the fact they were  wearing their “Make America Great Again” hats. It seems no one was willing to look beyond their hatred for Donald Trump.

Social media is creating a nation of warring factions, and their battle fields are cyber space. However, those cyber wars are spilling over onto the streets in reality. People are already getting injured and property is being destroyed. How long will it be before large groups of people are killed by some nut job with an explosive device.

The solution is simple, yet very difficult to employ. Stop being selfish. Stop hating your fellow man just because he is a different color or religion. He is after all a fellow human being, and lives on the same beautiful blue planet that God gave us to inhabit. One of the first steps toward living in peace with your fellow man is to obey God’s laws as well as man’s. Law abiding people are always more peaceful. Laws are the plans and specifications to a strong nation, a strong society, peace and happiness. All of this starts with a single person, and others will follow when they witness the example. Be an example.


Old Glory





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