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I had an experience once, that forever changed the way I look at things. I worked for a large subcontractor in Washington state. The company had just completed a large contract and lost serious money. The owner, had a grand idea. He called a staff meeting and laid out his plan. He instructed his staff to start creating a totally false log of back charges and claims against the owner of the property to recoup some of the losses. They went to great lengths to establish dates and times and associated costs for each back charge. As you might imagine, the total charges were quite large. The paperwork they created was very impressive albeit totally untrue. This exercise went on for over two months with the owner overseeing it. What happened next was a shocker. When the project was finished, the owner of the company had actually convinced himself all of it was true, and hired a law firm to file suit against the property owners. It was the most elaborate exercise in lying I had ever seen, and the guy that created the lie, ended up believing it himself. Fortunately for the defendant, the judge didn’t buy it.

The point of this story, is that if something is repeated enough times, by enough like minded people, it somehow becomes gospel, and hundreds, if not thousands of people start believing it. It may not have a shred of truth in it, but it doesn’t matter, it’s perpetuating a narrative. I can’t think of a better example, than this phrase the left uses over and over; ” We need comprehensive immigration reform”. They never explain it, because they have no idea what it means. They just say it because everyone else on the left is saying it. Can anyone actually tell me what that means? I also hear that the immigration system is broken. It’s broken all right, it’s not enforced.

Here’s another one for you. “The Russians hacked our election”. The Russians actually hacked our election with an extremely small investment in Facebook ads?? Are you kidding me. Everyone keeps saying this over and over. Some politicians in Washington actually saying it was an act of war. What the hell are these people smoking? Hillary even went so far as to blame Slovenian content farmers. Does anyone even know what a content farmer is? Why are they only in Slovenia?

Donald Trump is in cahoots with Vladimir Putin. How many thousands of times have you heard this, and how many thousands of variations of it have you heard? Do you remember the movie “Twins” with Arnold Schwarzenegger and Danny Di Vito? I keep looking for someone to make that claim, that Donald and Vladimir are actually twin brothers. Believe me if they are, Robert Mueller will get to the bottom of it. Look for his report in the spring of 2030. I’m sure it will be a shocker. Just a side note: it wasn’t Donald Trump that sold 20% of our uranium to Vlad. 

This one is really choice; Brett Kavenaugh was a sexual predator when he was a teenager. There was not a single bit if credible evidence that this was true. The left miraculously found Christine Blasey Ford who claimed to have been a victim of Brett Kavenaugh, but had no witnesses, could not come up with dates or times or places. Her testimony was sort of like listening to an Alzheimer patient. Then of course the world renowned genius, Michael Avenatti, comes up with some bimbo named Julie Swetnick, that turns out to be about as credible as a jailhouse snitch. Add CNN and MSNBC into the mix and they whip up a Democrat frenzy that looks like Walmart on Black Friday times 10. The idiot protesters  were actually  trying to pry open the doors on the Supreme Court building. Hell, you even saw Cory Booker transformed into Spartacus before your very eyes.

There are two different kinds of liars in politics, Democrats and Republicans. The Democrats have just perfected it to a much higher level and are willing to throw in their mothers for collateral. It’s all smoke and mirrors, and deception. It’s hard to believe America has survived a never ending parade of these clowns. I guess because there is a good one out of every 500 or so.







  1. The lie that I am sick of the Democrats repeating is: “Trump asked Russia to hack Hillary’s emails.” It has been said so many times with conviction by Democrats that people are starting to believe it. He never said that and her computer had already been shut down and wiped clean. For Democrats to repeat this lie still baffles me. They think the public is stupid. Next they will say Trump sent hacked DNC emails to Wikileaks and the left will eat it up.

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    1. I agree with you. I also don’t think they just think the public is stupid I think they know the public is well half maybe loll And I guess the better word to use would be brainwashed. And ya, you tell a lie over & over again & for sure people believe it, as we just watched happen.
      It’s really unbelievable. When I started digging into this stuff [when Trump got elected] I couldn’t believe the things I was discovering. Never in my life had I ever spent even 5 mins paying attention to anything political loll I saw through the facade from a young age, knew it was just a construct to keep people divided. I could feel how inauthentic they were .. just like the Dems.
      I can’t – inauthenticity, to me feels like nails on an energetic chalkboard, so to speak🤯
      But then Trump happened, knew something big was coming🎉
      Thank God for Trump✨


      1. Sorry I forgot to mention – when I said it was unbelievable I wanted to say that it’s also very fucking scary, when you realize the depth of the mind control – it’s not just propaganda it’s on a whole other level. I’ve been studying human behavior for quite some time and I couldn’t understand seeing kind of like a wave washing over people, people I’ve known for 20 years 30 years, change. Suddenly talking down to me cuz I like Trump. Suddenly conversations stopped, it was like watching these people regress into an unawake state, degenerating into when I called Beacons of Hatred. Looks like something seriously fucked-up is going on here that I can’t see LOL That’s when I started digging into psychological warfare & political warfare.
        “Not just for the military anymore.” Ya, cuz it worked so well in the wars that they of course carried it over into civilians. Their objective & their intentions are & have always been to manipulate us & to control us. In a doc I found online from the queen called ‘The Psychological Warfare Executive’ I believe, it is often referred to as ‘Behavior Modification.’ I said holy crap yup, it’s all the things in our society we interact with daily that have been sold as having the purpose of ‘entertainment’ but are in reality weaponized tools to control & manipulate the masses; social media, mainstream media, celebrities, Hollywood, the music / movie industry, late night talk show hosts ….
        I’ve been writing so many blogs trying to wake people up to this but it’s hard to convince the brainwashed they’re brainwashed🤯🔥✨


  2. I love the fire and defiance I read in your blogs. Thank you so much for taking the time to read mine. I have always been a blue collar guy, even when I worked in the white collar sector. A car guy and a biker, always hated disingenuous people. Liars can do so much damage on so many fronts. Lying in my books is close to being a capital offense. I sense the same feeling in your comments. Keep giving them hell, especially the never Trump Republicans. Watch for my scalding of Mitt Romney.


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