When these two clowns appeared after the President’s Oval Office address and gave that hilarious rebuttal speech I was dumbstruck. I was laughing my butt off, but thinking how sad it is that these two morons actually have positions of power. Nancy looked like she just had a healthy dose of Botox, and a couple of hits off of a meth pipe. Chucky Boy seemed dazed and confused. Reading from a teleprompter is obviously not in their skill set. I’ve said this before, but Nancy actually looks like she has lost control of her mouth and / or her jaw. If you watch the last words of her speech something weird is definitely going on. What were the Dems thinking when they voted to make her speaker again? Whatever they were thinking, it was definitely a win, win for the Republicans.

acosta at the border


This has been a really bad week for the lefties. Jimmy boy went to the border in an effort  to make President Trumps claim about a wall look foolish, and ended up making a fool of himself. While standing next to a very big steel barrier, made the statement that the Presidents claim of a crisis was bogus, there were no illegals trying to cross the border. Doh! I’m not sure if it was the day before or after, Kellyanne Conway ripped into little Jimmy boy telling him he was a “smart ass” and that few, if any of the other reporters  actually liked him.



Based on what has transpired over the past several months it probably wouldn’t be a wise idea. He is going up the river for multiple crimes and is a proven liar. So, that said, the House Democrats are hauling him into a Congressional hearing hoping to get dirt on the President. Does that make sense to grill someone that is headed to the slammer in a couple of weeks, and has been proven guilty of giving false testimony? Is anyone besides the Democrats going to take this guy seriously? What a waste of time. All of the stuff that he was convicted for happened before Donald Trump was elected. The Democrats hope  they can amass enough evidence to actually impeach President Trump. They seriously need to look at history, and see what happened to the Republicans after the Clinton impeachment. It didn’t work out so well for the Republicans and it won’t work out well for the Democrats.

The Trump Derangement Syndrome is very real. The Democrats have become so obsessed with hatred of Donald Trump that they are willing to make total fools of themselves in an effort to try to hurt him anyway they can. Instead of putting forth new ideas and programs to move the country forward, and take credit for their actions, all they can think of, is to block and resist. The Democrats could look like real heroes, if they came up with an infrastructure bill, that would benefit millions of Americans by making our roads and bridges safer and improving our aging international airports.

Don’t get your hopes up. We are going to see the same old game played out. The Democrats and Republicans go through the motions and very little is accomplished. I’m beginning to think these people that call themselves politicians, are nothing more than actors, and Washington D.C. is a very expensive theater. Think about this; the only government office that runs like clockwork is the IRS.  


Old Glory

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