Considering the newly elected democrats in the House of Representatives that are even crazier than the ones already there, I can’t imagine anything good happening anytime soon. What is totally hilarious is how they are acting as if they have total power, and are going to institute sweeping changes in the government. Have any of these intellectual giants taken into consideration that the Republicans still control the Senate, and the White House. What will happen, is that the House of Representatives will become the “Animal House”, and not one damn thing will be accomplished in the next two years.

That said, the outgoing speaker of the House, Paul Ryan was an utterly complete dud. He was given two whole years to come up with a replacement for Obama Care, and it was painfully evident that his heart wasn’t in it, he was just going through the motions. Then came the big day when the Senate had the chance to totally abolish Obama Care, and  nitwit McCain saw it as his last chance to put the screws to the Prez and voted against it.

It’s no wonder that the talking head lefties at the MSNBC and CNN continue to refer to President Trump as a tyrant, he is the only one getting anything done. If he didn’t take the initiative to figure out how to move his programs forward without the Congress the whole damn place to be at a total standstill. Barrack Obama realized the same thing, when he famously said, ” I have a pen and a phone”. If you wait for Congress to get anything done you will die of old age. This is precisely why the Supreme Court has been slowly taking over the job of Congress over the past twenty odd years. The Supreme Court is slowly morphing into a legislative body. This is not a good thing boys and girls.

NANCY PELOSI: Watching this woman in action is extremely entertaining. She actually appears to wake up in a new world every time she blinks here eyes. Have you noticed her mouth movements? It appears she is constantly  attempting to get popcorn out of her dentures. Her entire face is constantly in motion while she speaks. She must by trying to somehow get her ideas across in spite of her total incoherence.

CHUCK SCHUMER: When “Crying Chuck” teams up with Nancy Pelosi, it is the epitome of “Dumb and Dumber”.

BRAD SHERMAN: Good old “Squirmin’ Sherman” , D-Sherman Oaks, CA.  First day back on the job, introduces impeachment articles against the President. Have you ever seen this guy in an interview? This guy is the exact image of some sort of low life con artist. He talks like some sort of weirdo that does despicable stuff. You know, kind of like a skid row lawyer, that has his office on the second floor of an old run down brick building, with bars on the windows. He is totally useless, like a urinal in a woman’s restroom.

ELIZABETH ” POCAHONTAS” WARREN:  The Senator from Massachusetts, is now stating she is not a “person of color” as if this is somehow news to anyone. According to all accounts, she used her fake Native American credentials to gain favor in her years at law school. Even though she denies it, the school had her listed as the first person of color to attend Rutgers. So, I guess if she didn’t make that claim, someone in the administration thought she looked like a Native American, and listed her as such. I guess that makes sense if the person making that judgement was suffering from acute macular degeneration. There is an old saying, ” when you find yourself in a hole, stop digging”. That would be my advice to Ms. Warren, stop making videos, your making the situation worse.

ALEXANDRIA OCASIO – CORTEZ: The term ” you don’t know Jack —-, fits this woman to a tee. It fits the idiots that elected her even better. This is probably the scariest thing I have seen in my lifetime in the world on politics. Can you imagine her standing at the podium saying all of the crazy crap that she espouses, and the audience waving their arms in unison shouting “yeah baby”, we need socialism. I would suggest that all of these halfwit lefties take a world tour, stopping in Caracas, Guatemala City, Pyongyang, and Havana.

RASHIDA TLAIB: Not much you can say beyond hate filled low life Muslim slime, defiling the “House of the People”. Just sayin’.


Old Glory




  1. Nancy looks likes she’s sucking on a mint all the time. Ocasio-whatever is a disgrace to women in congress. She needs a job at a city counsel. Yet the left keep following her around like she’s their savior. And Pocohontas originally wanted to be Indian now seems she aspires to be Kavanaugh-one who likes beer. I’m optimistic that Trump will get something approved. Don’t lose hope. He’s got something up his sleeve.


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