lottery winner

Unfortunately, you have to wait an entire year to see if you’re a winner. A New Year celebration is optimism at it’s finest. I certainly hope that all of my readers end up celebrating 2019 like the young lady above.

2018 was a good year at our home. We all ended up in good health, enough money for our needs plus some extra. It was a good year for my blog. I had some really good interaction with my readers, and reached people in nine countries, and the U.S. Virgin Islands. A lot of other good things happened, I don’t have time to list all of them. Most importantly, we had good times with old friends and made some new ones. We enjoyed our family and watched the little ones get a little older and smarter.

This is my message for the new year. We need to be very vigilant regarding the health of our beautiful nation. There are some very disturbing things going on that could have dire consequences. Very subtle but troubling trends. Start looking around, and you see what I am talking about.

A very strong movement has emerged, which is being executed in a dangerous manner. I am talking about the Women’s Movement. Trust me, I have two daughters, seven granddaughters, and four great granddaughters. So, obviously I want these young ladies to have every opportunity possible. Here is the problem. In the execution of lifting up the women ( which is good ) they are destroying the lives of millions of young men. Men are being portrayed as evil and bad. They are putting forward the idea that masculinity is a horrible thing. They are telling men to mute their masculinity. The new term is “Toxic Masculinity”, and “Toxic Males”.

Men and women, should compliment each other in life. Both are necessary for a healthy society. Family units with a father and a mother, are absolutely the building blocks of a healthy nation. Society simply cannot function with single mothers, raising children in a single parent home. It just doesn’t work economically, or socially. It is a blueprint for the destruction of society as we know it. People who tell you otherwise are liars, or just plain stupid.

If we don’t fix the family problem, we will end up losing this wonderful country. I urge you to research what I am saying. It is worth your time to know what is actually going on. Our nation’s so called leaders are totally ignoring the problem, and our universities and colleges are exacerbating the problem teaching lies and propaganda of the far left.

Start this new year off right, by recognizing these problems, learning more about them, and doing whatever you can to help solve them. That is exactly what I am attempting to do, bringing it to your attention. God Bless you all.


Old Glory

P.S.  There are numerous books being written about this topic, by some very smart people. I urge you to read them. Our country’s survival depends on strong men, and women, working together for the common good.

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